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FS [APQP] Advanced Product Quality Planning/Control Plan

Shorter than ever product life cycles and continually increasing quality requirements under rising cost pressures! These are the requirements confronting state-of-the-art management on a daily basis. The requirements of standards on the one hand and the business necessity of maintaining streamlined and flexible structures on the other.

With FS [APQP] you have a state-of-the-art tool at your disposal to achieve standard compliant project planning for all types of industries. Project and job processes are optimized and therefore increase quality reliability of products and development performances. APQP goes far beyond FMEA, control plans, and initial inspection (with PPAP/PPF). APQP plans and monitors development processes even before contracts are awarded.

Complex projects are divided into sub-projects and can also be classified according to suppliers, as well as arranged internally according to other plants and divisions. In this way, FS [APQP] supports the development of products, production investments, tools, inspection and measurement equipment, as well as relevant supplier selection. APQP is much more than document control and administration. It reduces costs, minimizes risks, and therefore concomitantly increases profits while enhancing quality standards.

This system easily and flexibly conforms to diverse customer requirements – far beyond the common PPAP-level. The system guides your employees through the steps appropriate for each individual customer and project. Unnecessary steps are automatically blocked. You can define the custom level of detail in advance.

APQP – No Longer a Tool Used Only in Large Companies

Up to now, APQP was known as a tool confined to the use in large companies. However, this project planning method is just as effective when employed in mid-size and small companies. Systems, prior to APQP, often required more maintenance and administration.

With FS [APQP] the emphasis of development focused on avoiding the need to switch between many programs, maintaining lists and papers, and accessing target-date information and calendars. FS [APQP] unifies all of these procedures in a transparent, simple system, which offers you not only perfect standard compliance, but also provides many additional advantages.

Project Monitoring with FS [APQP] Allows for Confidence When It Comes to Due-Dates and Content

Gantt diagrams guarantee a clear overview over all target-dates and project progress, as well as sub-projects and project steps. Standard compliant check lists, consisting of ISO/TS 16949, QS 9000, VDA Vol. 6.3, etc., allow for secure monitoring of content. Furthermore, you can easily define your own entries in additional check lists. And with the integrated module FS [Job Control] all of your target dates, assignments, and actions are monitored automatically and sent, including escalation management, to responsible parties and team members as reports, automatic e-mail messages, etc.

With FS [APQP] team members and responsible parties for actions and tasks receive concise to-do lists, which can be edited and updated with current progress of projects. When tasks are completed they can be marked “completed” with a simple click of the mouse.

Fully Integrated into CAQ Solution

FS [APQP] is fully integrated into the CAQ AG Factory Systems software system. In this way, all detailed information pertaining to a task/action can be fully integrated. Whether FMEA, control plan, rejection analyses, inspection reports, SPC/control charts, defect collection cards, defect frequency, supplier evaluations, capability studies (MCS, PCS, MSA), defect statistics, maintenance plans and accompanying paperwork: meeting protocols, CAD drawings, sketches, customer and supplier agreements, evaluations, links to customer portals, and much more – all this is available at the touch of a button right where you want it and maintainable as required. Version changes in documents are automatically documented and documents are always, even after changes, recallable in their original form. All this becomes possible through full and seamless integration into existing CAQ AG Factory Systems software modules.

Web-Capability – Made Possible by .Net Technology

FS [APQP] includes – as do all of CAQ AG Factory Systems’ software solutions – the new .Net technology. Therefore, access via a browser is simple: installation on clients are not necessary. As a result, world-wide employment of FS [APQP] is guaranteed: you simply need a browser!

APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning

Project planning with FS [APQP]

1. Conception/Planning
2. Product development and verification
3. Procurement / materials administration
4. Production process planning and verification
5. Product and Process validation with clients
6. Production
7. Continuous improvements

Practical Experience

Your customer announces a surprise visit. Be honest, how long would it take you to collect all project documentation including the latest data? Days? Hours? Minutes? Or do you need to simply press a button?
How much time do some of your employees spend on monitoring due-date of open actions of all parties involved? How many action lists exist in your company? FS [APQP] includes central action monitoring for all areas! Whether rejection management, audit management, initial sample inspection, etc., or the fixed date of regular weekly meetings.

Do you know how long, on average, your team takes to complete a task? Who is responsible for project delays? Individual evaluations at the push of a button and custom definable warning limits provide you with the answer.

In short, do you need an integrated tool for higher management as well as for project teams, a tool which is integrated into a network with appropriate QM modules and automatically accesses relevant data in the background? Whether customer documents, individual entries, or completion of actions: With FS [APQP] you satisfy standard requirements and customer demands and finally have more time for essential tasks on your way to an integrated management system!

Overview of Highlights

  • Focused on practice
  • Standard compliant to all requirements as well as monitoring of process steps in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002, QS 9000, VDA 6
  • Systematic project control
  • Product and process planning – from prototype to project phase
  • Standardized and structured project monitoring according to specified project steps
  • Reports with standardized status reports including escalation management for all participants, customers, and management
  • Automated project management – many labor-intensive, and therefore high cost activities are eliminated
  • Customized task/action lists for all parties involved, including documentation of job progress and success control
  • Monitoring of project progress with standard compliant, standardized check lists
  • Target-date monitoring by planned/actual comparison with escalation management
  • Comprehensive information via Gantt-diagrams, source documents, version and report overviews
  • Integrated document exchange with peripheral systems, as well as formats, such as MS Office, MS Project, XML, as well as available CAQ modules
  • Consistent embedding of all quality-related information
  • Constant monitoring of product life cycles
  • Project status and history always accessible and concise
  • Networking of all quality assurance actions and tasks
  • Display of all available hierarchies
  • Individual project structure
  • Embedding of internal check lists
  • Embedding of all available documents
  • Status reports available at the touch of a button
  • Creating automatic and regularly recurring reports
  • Custom evaluations and reports
  • Foundation for decision making by management
  • Networked continuous improvement
  • Release procedures for product and production process
  • Project status and version administration
  • Full integration into FS [FMEA], FS [EMP/PPAP], FS [REM], FS [CAQ-Compact], FS [PMM], FS [QAM], etc.
  • Web-based software for information retrieval via Internet and Intranet
  • And many more
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