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FS [Cust] Customer-Specific Modifications - Individual Software Adjustments While Fully Preserving Release Capabilities of Standard Software Version

In the last few years it has become apparent that our standardized, industry-specific and modular software solutions provide customers with excellent competitive advantages. This applies to all company sizes – from small companies to large international corporations – which share the same basic demands:

  • Modular solutions which can be combined and expanded according to individual needs:
    Solutions which adjust fully to customer demands, covering the basic small company up to complete, comprehensive solutions.
  • Clear advantages of standard software:
    Software solutions, tried and tested in several thousand companies, can be put into service immediately, fully satisfy specialized customer demands, conform perfectly to standards, and are supported by outstanding customer support. As a matter of principle, our software solutions are developed to fit the customer’s situation exactly the minute they reach their destination. They do not have to be modified individually, with much effort and cost, to fit the customer’s needs.
  • No high-cost individualized software development with accompanying high – and rarely predictable – follow-up costs:
    High quality software solutions stand out over their low-quality competitors in that they include desired functions in their standard versions. This not only reduces individual software development costs dramatically, but also decreases or even eliminates high follow-up expenses covering further development of the software as well as service and consultation expenditures.
  • Our standard software is 100% release capable – just install update and you’re done!
    Our 100% standard software allows you to install any update anytime – even after you have customized your software to fit your individual needs. You will never have to spend effort and money to consult one of our service representatives or project leaders to adjust your customized software! All adjustments done within the framework of customization, as well as all parameterized interfaces connecting peripherals will continue to run smoothly and instantly after you install your update, without any additional on-site service efforts!

Due to this standardized approach underlying CAQ AG Factory Systems’ software design, it is possible to introduce on-site quality and production management systems with minimal costs and effort. Your investment turns quickly into profit. The high satisfaction of CAQ AG Factory Systems’ customers confirm this approach most convincingly.

Software Solutions with the Highest Degree of Customization

But if you’re thinking that our standard software allows for few options you couldn’t be further from the truth. On the contrary: This is precisely our software developments’ strength and focus.

The highest degree of customization of our standard software through basic, menu-driven modifications is possible with FS [Cust] Customizing. Nothing gets lost during installation of an update or switching to a new release. Nothing has to be fine-tuned. The database services and maintains all individual adjustments.

FS [Cust] offers you virtually limitless possibilities which you can adjust via the menu, locally and easily. Of course, we are also happy to do this for you at your location and according to your needs. But you are much less encumbered if you take advantage of our free (for TSP-customers) on-site user workshop and get information covering the whole range of possibilities. After attending one of these user workshops you will be able to execute and modify your individualized adjustments by yourself.

Virtually Limitless Customization Possibilities Satisfying Your Individual Needs

It would exceed the scope of this publication to list all of the possibilities inherent in the software, but our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you:

  • Do you want to change field titles or designations? Adjust them according to masks or workstations?
  • Do you want to save and display field or mask-specific information conforming to a user-specific language?
  • Do you want optional fields in certain masks for specific users, procedures, or workstations to change into mandatory fields?
  • Do you want to block out some fields in masks which are not needed or display them without allowing users to input information?
  • Would you like to create and adjust specific input forms with custom-defined fields or masks? For example, would you like to place a dot consistently after the third digit of an article number?
  • Do you want to expand or change specific field lengths?
  • Would you like to change some fields which you have added to a color of your choice?
  • Would you like to see a list of suggestions for fields which do not have an associated catalog/library yet by simply clicking on a symbol in the appropriate field? This list of suggestions will display recent entries as well as all other entries made in this field. This will give you the option of adopting any entry with a simple click of the mouse.
  • Do you want to send an e-mail automatically to a specified group of people every time a user adds or changes certain data (e.g. change of status from “approved” to “blocked”)?
  • Would you like to see changes in the software accompanied by date, name, and nature of changes in specific or all areas recorded in log entries, so that you can monitor everything in detail at all times? Who has done changes, what changes have been implemented, when were they executed, and through what and in what have changes occurred?
  • If a user is working on a particular field, should a speech bubble appear in a specific color with a specific text as well as a beep sound to alert the user? Would you like this text to appear in a specific language conforming to the language of the user logged in at that time?
  • Would you like a warning light to come on or an e-mail to be automatically sent with specific data configurations?
  • And much more

This is only a small sample of the many possibilities which we offer and which are available while preserving full update and release capabilities within the framework of the standard software. This not only sets our standard software on an equal footing with custom software. On the contrary, we concomitantly preserve and expand all advantages of the standard software and therefore offer far more benefits over individualized software solutions in areas of functionality as well as flexibility, comfort, and speed. Maintenance effort for customers with updates, upgrades, and new releases are not only minimal but non-existent! This represents another technological advantage of CAQ AG Factory Systems.

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