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FS [JobControl] Central Action and Escalation Management

Only an uninterrupted information flow can guarantee smooth material flow and an economic and efficient job flow! In order to keep things running smoothly, FS [Job Control] will assist you in all matters of workflow and status monitoring, comprehensively and fully automatically. FS [Job Control] monitors, continually and fully automatically, the status of information and the processing state of process violations, automatically initiated or manually delegated processes, audits, or FMEA actions of rejection and service incidents or other events.

FS [Job Control] monitors the status of an event or information as well as the processing stage of initiated actions or processes in numerous time-based or organizational stages. Lay the foundation for complete and documented information and workflow management with FS [Job Control].

Continuous Information Flow without Interruptions

Information flow is not always 100% -- delays and manually controlled time and action monitoring are still, unfortunately, part of an average workday.

  • How to have all information at a glance?
  • Who is responsible to stay within what deadline? Who has to be informed about what status?
  • What can be done if something is not working right?

FS [Job Control] is an ideal tool for safe and transparent job and escalation management of actions, deadlines, and follow-ups. Avoid information dead ends or obsolete information paths.

You will be able to define, in the most simple manner, individual or team specific functions and responsibilities in multiple stages and module-specific. You will also be able to appoint due-dates and reaction times, set clear goals with time frames and therefore secure the foundation for your company’s sustainable success. With FS [Job Control] nothing will be late or backlogged!

Work Flow Management on all Information and Process Levels

Rejection monitoring, action administration according to performance level, internal and external process violations, deadline monitoring, status monitoring, etc. – state-of-the-art information processes include a diverse array of elements.

These processes call for the highest concentration and safety in follow-ups and task management for all involved parties. Missed deadlines are expensive, tasks that remain unfulfilled call for additional work effort, ambiguous information paths create misunderstandings and repeated inquiries, and therefore time delays and information loss.

Manual deadline monitoring with calendars, reminder notes and follow-up e-mails are finally part of the past with FS [Job Control]. You can send out fully automatic and continually updated action-related tasks, job reminders, or, in the worst-case scenario, a clear and direct personalized job assignment if you combine FS [Job Control] with FS [Mail].

As state-of-the-art software applications, FS [Mail] and FS [Job Control] integrate themselves seamlessly into your existing information structure. It is completely irrelevant which e-mail client or software platform you prefer – FS [Mail] utilizes existing IT and informational structures without creating redundant data maintenance or manually sustained interfaces.

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