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Quality Excellence in the Food Industry
ISO, IFS, FDA: Discover the Software for Consistent Compliance with Standards

Food Safety Webinar (held in German)

Quality is when the consumer comes back, not the product. Consumers need to be convinced of purchasing a product over and over again and - apart from the price - it is primarily the quality of a product that motivates consumers to repurchase it. This underlines the sheer economic necessity of a well-functioning quality management system. And one must not forget that our everyday food is probably one of the most strictly controlled products in circulation. Learn in our 60-minute webinar on June 23, 2020, how CAQ.Net software solutions simplify the fulfilment of quality-related guidelines such as ISO, IFS, or FDA. The webinar is free of charge and will be held in German.

Software - HACCP-Entscheidungsbaum
HACCP decision tree

Sophisticated production processes along with a focus on quality allow companies to fulfil standards, better market their products, and achieve advantages over their competition. This is where the various CAQ.Net® software solutions come into play, as they provide the perfect toolset with which to put this focus on quality into practice. Learn from our experts in our webinar on June 23, 2020 at 2:00 p.m., how CAQ.Net® ensures consistent compliance with the most important quality management standards in the food industry. Among other things, the digital implementation of the following topics will be explained:

1. Documents

How to master the requirements described in chapter 2 "Quality and Food Safety Management System" of IFS Food regarding the documentation and control of records with the QBD.Net software for document management

2. Trainings

How to use the Qualify.Net module for training management to ensure that all persons whose work has an influence on product safety and quality have the necessary competence through education, work experience and/or training (IFS Food chapter 3.2, 3.3)


How the ISO 22000-compliant HACCP decision tree in the risk management software Risk.Net supports you in implementing chapter 2.2.1 "HACCP System" of IFS Food


How you can create a completely networked, scalable, and future-proof laboratory information and management system (LIMS) by combining individual CAQ.Net® software modules

From Practice for Practice: Where Food Safety Comes First

In the last part and as special highlight of this webinar, Mr. Raimund Hils, Quality Management Manager at Töpfer GmbH in Dietmannsried, will present us his CAQ.Net® system. The company Töpfer GmbH is one of the leading producers of baby food and cosmetics in the highest organic quality. Their products are available in over 25 countries worldwide.

Users from Within the Food Industry Report

Find out in our case studies how leading companies in the food industry use our software solutions to raise the quality of their products to world-class levels and continuously improve themselves. Read:

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