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Free User Workshop for CAQ Software Customers with GFQ Akademie TSP

Over 15,000 small, mid-sized, and large companies are now using CAQ AG Factory Systems software modules. That’s why there is such a high demand for workshops with high practical content concerning the many different software modules.

In order to increase the practical applications and have enough qualified instructors – in relation to the increasing number of customers – we decided several months ago to start cooperating with a company that specializes in the areas of quality, environment, and employment management training. Our new partners in this venture are GFQ Akademie GmbH ( and Industrie und Handelskammer (IHK).

Since the beginning of this year GFQ Akademie GmbH, in close cooperation with IHK and our company, offers a comprehensive training program concerning CAQ AG Factory Systems software.

These Workshops Are Complimentary for CAQ AG Factory Systems TSP Customers

CAQ AG Factory Systems customers with a running TSP (Top Service Pack) contract can have up to 25% of their TSP annual due applied to workshop participation fees. This means that most of our customers can participate for several days completely free! Ask our INFO-service about this TSP discount!

GFQ Akademie instructors with experience in many different industry, commerce, and service sectors ensure high practical applicability which participants can utilize in real-world situations. Experience that spans several disciplines plus specific workshops, geared toward your particular company, will help you optimize and expand your processes in organizational and technological matters. The state-of-the-art multimedia training center in Rheinböllen offers you a perfect learning environment replete with personalized attention and advanced training and course media to ensure a successful qualification.

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