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The new CAQ AG Factory Systems Website

You may have noticed that one or two things have changed on our website. Our site has, however, not just been prettied up a little bit: as is the case with all our CAQ.Net software products, clear customer benefit comes first and form always follows function. Hence, all changes were made with you, our customers, in mind.


The new tooltips on our website, for instance, are a good example. They allow you to decide for yourself, how much information you wish to be given regarding a specific topic. If you already know what is meant by FDA 21 CFR Part 11, Six Sigma or DIN EN ISO 14971, you can simply continue reading the text. If, however, you are not familiar with this terminology, simply move the mouse-cursor onto the blue underlined text on our website and you will receive a concise and precise explanation. We primarily apply our tooltips to products, acronyms and difficult terminology such as standards, rules, regulations, directives, and recommendations.

Services and Project Support

Our new service area provides detailed information regarding our various services. What we have to offer goes far beyond the mere provision of easily implementable software solutions. If desired, we will accompany you from the initial expert consultation all the way to the full-on implementation of the CAQ-system in your running IT-environment. We then continue to offer comprehensive and unparalleled support long after your CAQ.Net® system has been installed, and are happy to provide expert assistance in all QM-relevant questions whenever you may need it. We always ensure that you receive a CAQ-system that has been tailor-made to best suit your requirements, and that you continuously have access to unmatched quality of service during operation.

CAQ Customer Portal

Our improved and enhanced CAQ customer portal puts you straight inside your own personal CAQ AG master control room. In order to access the portal, simply register or enter your existing ID and password. Instead of your ID, you can alternatively also enter the e-mail address you indicated when registering with us. After having logged in to the portal, you are provided with an overview of all your TSP and product relevant information, workshop recommendations and the processing status of your individual service enquiries. Amongst other things, the portal also allows you to update your profile data and conveniently change your password.

In our opinion, the quality of a website can be defined by variety of factors such as easy usability, a high degree of information-conveyance, enduring stability, in-depth functionality, and sophisticated and thought-through ergonomics. But how about you simply have a look around the all-new and find out for yourself? Thank you for your visit!

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