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New CAQ Catalog 2005/2006 Available Now!

Learn about state-of-the-art innovations of CAQ AG Factory Systems software solutions in the new 2005/2006 CAQ catalog: Modular and integrated standard software solutions for quality management that fit your company’s need. Now available for download or via mail, free and with no obligations to you.

In the past two years we have converted our software solutions to run on the new platform .Net, which offers you many new possibilities in addition to 100% compatibility. This expands not only user friendliness but also offers a significant increase in available functions. All customers with a Top Service Pack will receive this release change as a complimentary upgrade in the near future. Either upload the new release or install it via CD. Simply run upgrade – and you’re done!

Customize Software While Retaining
Full Release Capabilities of Standard Software

In addition to a completely new design conforming to results from ergonomic studies at our customers’ locations, now all of our software modules can be customized by users to fit and adapt to individual demands. This customization process retains full release and update capabilities of the standard software and is designed to allow customers to perform their own individualized changes (e.g. add fields, etc.)! This way, customers do not require the help of our service staff and do not incur any servicing costs.

New Modules Covering APQP, Project Planning, Product Control Plan, Key Performance Indicators, BSC, Agreement of Objectives, as Well as Employee/Customer Surveys

The modules FS [APQP] Advanced Product Quality Planning as well as FS [Job Control] Central Action and Escalation Management have been significantly improved again in close cooperation with our customers – additional modules, such as FS [Success] Key Performance Indicators, BSC, Agreement of Objectives and FS [Question] Employee/Customer Survey have been added. And every single module has been optimized, expanded, and developed according to our customers’ demands and wishes.

The new CAQ catalog 2005/2006 is now available as a PDF-file for download

All existing CAQ AG Factory Systems customers will receive a printed catalog in the mail. It will be mailed from our service center next Monday, May 2, 2005. We would be happy to send you additional copies: Our info service and customer service representatives will be happy to assist you. Call 06764 902000.0, fax 06764 902000.119 or e-mail

We will be happy to set up a complimentary and obligation-free appointment at your location to present a CAQ solution that fits your individual demands!

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