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New Catalogs “CAQ.Net” and CAQ Users Report” in Newly Outfitted in Bound Text Format

Get information in the new CAQ catalogs 2008/09 pertaining to the newest innovations in CAQ AG Factory Systems software solutions. Suitable, custom, modular, and integrated standard quality management software solutions to fit your company’s needs.

All existing CAQ AG Factory Systems customers are receiving a printed copy of the new CAQ catalog “CAQ.Net®” as well as a bound copy of “CAQ Users Report” mailed out by our service center on Tuesday, April 22, 2008. We would be happy to send you extra copies if you need them.

In order to address CAQ.Net®’s heightened visibility and increased market share internationally both publications feature all information in both German and English. Just turn over the publication and you will find the appropriate language.

We are available to provide complementary assistance without any obligations to you at your location. We will guide you in choosing the best possible software solutions to meet your individual needs.

Our Info-Service and customer service team will be happy to answer your questions at +49 (0)6764-902000, fax +49 (0)6764-90200119, or via e-mail at, or on our website at

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