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Product News for 2005

At the trade fair “Control 2005” from April 26-29, in addition to presenting many new products, we will introduce our entire line of software to you, completely redesigned for Microsoft .NET. This will be the answer to many company’s wishes:

  • Complete line-up of CAQ AG Factory Systems software (all modules) running on .NET
  • 100% compatibility: parallel installation of prior software possible
  • Easy to convert to new software: For customers with a valid TSP (Top Service Pack) switching over to the new software is – as always with CAQ AG Factory Systems new updates/upgrades/new releases – complimentary!
  • Simpler installation of software applications without Microsoft registry/DLL/OCX installations. Fully automatic installation on the network for all clients! When running software the installation is automatically checked, and when new components are available they are queried and installed automatically and available immediately – when users are online, this all takes place automatically in the background without any administrative effort.
  • Web-based software fully functional: q-documents, audits, rejections, APQP, control plans, PPAP, FMEA, gauges, short term and long term evaluations, batch control, …everything – even online accessing of gauges – via internet/intranet
  • XML data exchange with any systems
  • Does not require a specific operating system on the server or client (fully compatible with Microsoft, Linux, and Macintosh products- both, server and clients!).
  • The form generator FS [Form] was optimized again: It is now possible to create and maintain forms with the drag and drop function - no programming or database skills are necessary. This is the end of time and cost-intensive creation and administration of individual forms, which so far, in many cases, had to be individually created and programmed by CAQ specialists.
  • With CAQ AG Factory Systems’ “remote gauge control” you now have full online gauge support even when employing Terminal Server/Citrix at several workstations and with little available bandwidth. For example, just connect a gauge to a PC in your company in Canada, work online via modem or with a Citrix Server in Germany, and all data are transferred 100% securely without the critical timing problems typical for Terminal Server/Citrix serial peripheral emulation. Even a short interruption of the connection is perfectly balanced with “remote gauge control”.

Exclusively at the Control 2005 trade fair in Sinsheim, we will introduce three additional new and innovative modules! We look forward to your visit at Booth 3312 in Hall 3.

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