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Roadshow CAQ.Net 2009 – CAQ AG on its way over!

How can I increase transparency, improve, and better integrate my quality management? What new products and features does CAQ AG offer and how do these benefit my company?

These are questions we would like to answer for you at a free informational event near your location.

Advantages of CAQ.Net®:

  • Offers transparency and knowledge at the touch of a button
  • Shows you new paths and provides assurance to allow you to act
  • Is comprehensive Q-control to eliminate costs
  • Allows you to act instead of react
  • Increases customer satisfaction and opens new markets
  • Over 2.600! new functions and improvements since the prior release of “CAQ Factory”

Overview of Events

  • 20.10.09 Villingen-Schwenningen
  • 21.10.09 Oftringen (Switzerland)
  • 03.11.09 Nürnberg
  • 04.11.09 Lüdenscheid
  • 04.11.09 Wels (Austria)
  • 05.11.09 Hamburg
  • 05.11.09 Munich
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