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Short films on the usage of the software

New CAQ.Net Instruction Screencasts

Our software products always focus on the user. This also applies to the corresponding technical documentation. With our new screencasts we are therefore now supplementing our previous instruction portfolio and offering you and your employees the opportunity to learn the individual functions of our software by means of short instruction films.

The first set of films covers our modules QBD.Net, Qualify.Net, and PMM.Net as well as some cross-modular functions. They are available in both English and German language. We will be continually adding further screencasts to our selection.

Current Screencasts

The screencasts are available to all registered users of our website

Spread the Word

As TSP-customer you furthermore have access to an individual weblink when you access a screencast. This web link is a permanent link that uniquely identifies your company. The link may be passed on to employees within your company or company group who are not registered users of our website. It grants said employees access to the screencasts without having to register on our website.


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