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TSP Customers Will Receive Special Discounts at GFQ Akademie GmbH

Beginning June 21, All of Our Customers with a Valid TSP (Top Service Pack) Contract Will Automatically Receive a GCC® Card (GFQ Corporate Card) as a Special Bonus, Free of Charge and without any Obligations, Valued at € 172.

This GCC® card will entitle you to participate in all GFQ Akademie open seminars and training sessions at the GCC® special rate, which is about 10% off the regular cost. We will distribute this card automatically and free of charge to customers as long as they have a valid, non-expired, TSP contract running. This special bonus may be used by any of your employees while it is valid.

GFQ Akademie Service with GCC® Card (Free for All CAQ AG Factory Systems Customers with Valid TSP)

10% off for Seminars and Training sessions

Special reduced price of up to 10% off all open courses, such as seminars, training sessions, and conferences listed in the current GFQ catalog. Please enter your GCC® number when you first register. GCC® special prices are listed separately and are only valid for online orders at

Creating and Servicing Training Plans

Free and individualized detailed training plans and an accompanying service plan for your company based on qualification modules by GFQ Akademie, including open and company-specific seminars, training sessions, conferences, consultations, etc. Additionally, a GFQ customer service representative will visit your company regularly – but at least once a year – and will help you create a customized training plan that will fit your company’s situation and goals, all free of charge.

Educational Materials to Consult Whenever You Need Information

Employees working at a company with GCC® have access to all training materials of the sessions in which they participated. They can access these materials at the password-protected GCC® webpage on the site – with company ID and password.

Employee Certification According to DIN EN 45013

Customers with GCC® can paying extra to have their employees tested and certified according to DIN EN 45013. With this certification it is necessary to fulfill certain conditions, e.g. regular system audits, participation in industry-specific training sessions. If you are interested in this feature please contact the GFQ Akademie Info-Service at +49 (0) 6764 90200.50.

Online Qualification Certification via the WWW

You can save and access GFQ Akademie educational sessions which you have completed, including certificates and authenticity certification as a PDF-file on the GCC® webpage at the site, if you have your company ID and password.

You can access all qualifications in different types of overviews, evaluations – but also down to the last detail – with online access to original certificates for every single employee. You can also view all planned training sessions which will save a lot of administrative effort on your part. All outstanding qualification processes are automatically included in our GFQ booking system.

We would be happy to add any certificates which were issued before 01.01.2004 by GFQ Akademie, CAQ AG Factory Systems, or other certified institutions for you. Please send us a copy of the certification and we will add it into your account on our system.

This way you have your own personalized qualification credentials with GFQ authenticity certificate up-to-date in a PDF-file – at no additional cost!

Specialized Information/Special Forums on the Web

Receive industry-specific information regularly from GFQ Akademie via e-mail, or by accessing the GFQ special forums at, as well as get GFQ brochures via mail.

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