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Time to Change – the new CAQ.Net Release

Many users are already impressed with the functionality and variability of the new CAQ.Net release. Increase your CAQ installation economy, profit from lean processes, reduced effort, and a better overview. Now is the right time to switch!

The latest CAQ.Net® release is available in its 2nd generation. Free for all TSP customers, as always!

To make the switch easier and the implementation of the new features more efficient we recommend our CAQ.Net® “easy starter kit.” Please note that the outdated version will only be supported until the end of 2009.

CAQ.Net "easy starter kit"

  • Free consultation for system requirements and optimization
  • Orientation for CAQ system administrator
  • Key user workshop covering new features of modules
  • Release switch! CAQ.Net®
    (Over 2.600! new functions and improvements since the prior release of “CAQ Factory”)
  • Voucher for one software license of QDrive.Net

For more information please contact our INFO-line at +49 6764 90200.0 or via e-mail at A customer service representative will be in touch with you momentarily.

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