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Flexibility, Stability & Effectivity
The Advantages of CAQ.Net

Why Choose CAQ.Net?

Modular & Scalable

All CAQ.Net® software modules are designed to work as independent solutions or in direct combination with one another. They are developed with the end-user in mind and devised to work on virtually all known operating systems. Everyone who knows how to use a computer can download CAQ.Net® software, complete the straightforward installation process, and begin work immediately. These aspects are the focal point right from the initial development of the individual modules. Hence, factors such as menu structure, ergonomics, and usability always have been and will be the fundamental cornerstones of our software. CAQ.Net® means: unpack it, plug it in, and get started immediately.

Regardless of whether you require one simple CAQ module which you wish to configure yourself, or wish to professionally incorporate an entire quality management software solution in your existing ERP system environment – regardless of whether big or small – CAQ AG Factory Systems is always your expert contact in all matters relevant to quality assurance and management systems.

Multi-Language Support

CAQ.Net® is software that allows you to switch between English and any other language at the click of a button – allowing you in your home country and your production plant abroad to conveniently exchange quality related information. You will both be using the same software – only the language changes.

The multi-language-support of CAQ.Net® covers every Unicode language from German, English, Russian and French to Suomi and Magyar. This support applies to all master, application, and dynamic data contained in the software. A variety of languages including Mandarin Chinese is already contained in CAQ.Net® and it even allows you to freely define the terminology of a separate, user-specific language to best suit your individual requirements. Rest assured, wherever on the globe you are doing business – CAQ.Net® speaks your language.


The sophisticated and flexible batch management functions in CAQ.Net® allow you to document all production, application, movement, and storage information regarding your products. Similar, of course, also applies to services you render. CAQ.Net® supports all modern data acquisition methods from barcodes, wireless data entry, mobile or stationary readers, and multi-point input devices.

Far reaching batch, serial number, nest, and horde tracking functions in CAQ.Net® ensure that no measurement values and no decisions are lost. The comprehensive traceability throughout all levels of production and quality assurance allows you to fulfil the variety of traceability obligations that are stipulated in industry-specific standards and guidelines.

Compliance Management

Companies are subject to dynamic market movements. They change in size, their products and services develop over time, and production facilities grow. A company‘s software applications must therefore adapt to these transformations as well. The software applications must furthermore be able to change in response to external or internal regulatory specifications regarding compliance issues. These changes affect small and large, local, and international companies alike. Because it is able to adapt to meet all possible compliance management issues, CAQ.Net® allows you to sit back and look at all these aspects in a relaxed manner.

Successfully implemented compliance management structures lead to improvements in day-to-day business and to the ability to deliver better products and services as well as face future challenges – they are the basis for overall company satisfaction. With CAQ.Net® you are able to successfully meet these demands head on, as it gives you the flexibility you require in order to react to the strict demands of quality management and quality assurance regulations. Our software solutions are designed to support you every day and facilitate a continuous reduction of quality-related costs.

Records Management

The change control functions utilized in CAQ.Net® mean that changes made to records, products, or systems are consistently and comprehensively documented. A separate structure is used in order to record the date/time, username and workstation when changes are made. This allows you to precisely identify when who made what changes where. With CAQ.Net® the fulfilment of applicable documentation duties takes place quietly in the background, yet, at the click of a button, you can immediately receive all e.g. audit-relevant change information as stipulated by applicable standards and regulations.


Within today’s information technology, there are few aspects that are as important as the effective and efficient interaction between different systems: the bidirectional exchange of information is an absolute necessity in order to be able to conduct successful data management. CAQ.Net® is a management system that fluently communicates with other IT-systems and facilitates the mutual transfer of data between systems. The comprehensive connectivity functions ensure that you can connect CAQ.Net® to virtually any type of IT-system.


A CAQ system consists of more than just software. The provision of expert service during the configuration, introduction, and implementation of the system and subsequent employee training are most probably factors of equal importance. This is why the services that CAQ AG has to offer go far beyond the mere provision of easily implementable software solutions. We accompany you from the initial expert consultation all the way to the full-on implementation of the CAQ-system in your running IT-environment. We continue to provide comprehensive and unparalleled support long after your CAQ-system has been installed, and are happy to offer you proficient assistance in all QM-relevant questions whenever you may need it. We ensure that you receive a CAQ-system that has been tailor-made to suit your requirements, and that you always have access to unmatched quality of service during operation.

The commitment and passion of our support-team has, over the years, continuously set the benchmark for other support-services in the industry. Our team consists of highly-trained IT-professionals who command years of experience in dealing with the most diverse systems and interfaces. So, whether you contact us via our web-based service-portal or via our hotline, rest assured that you will always receive consistently effective and efficient support in all matters relating to CAQ and beyond.


We work in close cooperation with high-profile industry partners in order to ensure that you can always use the most sophisticated, reliable, and cutting-edge functions, standards, innovations, and interfaces that the market has to offer in your day-to-day work. As soon as new IT-functions are available, we immediately evaluate them and – if deemed useful – begin inserting them into our existing CAQ.Net® software family. Our partner companies are amongst some of the most influential actors in the hard- and software industries. The close ties we enjoy to them allow us to rapidly and effectively implement future innovations and trends from within a variety of areas. This enables us to ensure that today’s CAQ.Net® software is always ready for whatever tomorrow may bring. The active usage of our SUI-Portal and the excellent cooperation with our customers furthermore enable us to learn a lot about how our software is used in the field and precisely develop and effectively introduce optimizations and innovations into our software family – true to our motto of applying information gained in practice in order to achieve sustainable practical benefit. A continuous target/actual comparison between CAQ.Net® and the most current requirements by manufacturers and suppliers from within a vast variety of industries means that our customers are always in command of a cutting-edge software solution that allows professional, efficient, and standard-compliant quality management.

Mobile & Internet

With its various CAQ.Net® web applications, CAQ AG Factory systems provides sophisticated quality management solutions for the company-wide exchange of QM-relevant data. The MyCAQ.Net web-portal for external processing and visualization of complaints, audits, certificates and, dashboards and WebCAQ.Net are highly refined tools for practicing browser-based and cross-platform quality management wherever you are. Our CAQ Enhanced Mobility Concept further ensures that – regardless of whether you’re using a Tablet PC, Smartphone or Desktop System, and entering data via keyboard, mouse or touchscreen – CAQ.Net® will always display precisely the information you want, when you want it, where you want it, and how you want it.

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