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Flexible Licensing
Single or Corporate Business License

Licensing Models

Cost-Effective Quality – Right from the Start

CAQ AG Factory Systems supports you in your company development not only with modular software but also accompanies you in your path to economic success. Many great ideas started as isolated solutions – CAQ AG Factory Systems started there as well. Our company has contributed considerably to technological and economic success with its unbeatable value in software tools. Growth and volume – goals of any state-of-the-art company – and varying demands on modern IT systems challenge us as software providers too.

We would like to accompany you on this path and offer flexible and inexpensive licensing solutions with our license types SBL (single business license) and CBL (corporate business license), designed to fit your organizational demands.

Transparency and Fairness Create Confidence in Planning

Both licensing types share transparency and pricing fairness – we make it possible for you to perform secure planning in quality and effective production management through our clear and easy to understand policy. In this way you avoid unpleasant economic surprises and secure your economic existence. Of course a change to another licensing model is always possible.

Overview of Highlights

  • Unlimited number of users with licenses based on effective usage
  • License issuing according to simultaneous usage
  • Location-dependent access with SBL (single business license)
  • Location-independent access with CBL (corporate business license)
  • Change to different license type always possible
  • Unlimited access to server or self-sufficient database systems
  • Thin Client technology
  • Citrix MetaFrame® or Terminal Server® technology (while maintaining compatibility to the Microsoft Windows operating system)
  • Supports the latest
  • IT-structures Internet/Intranet capable
  • .Net technology
  • and many more

Single Business License

The right licensing type for location-dependent installations. This model is, of course, network-ready right from the first user. Licensing is done according to the number of simultaneous software access – no matter how many total users your system has.

This allows for highest flexibility at a great price, right from the start. It does not matter whether you are using the system to solve specialized measuring tasks, for an audit acquisition on a notebook, or for fully integrated network licenses with unlimited access rights. With SBL you have your system and costs under complete control.

Corporate Business License

The licensing type of choice for location-independent access to our quality, environmental, and production management solutions. You can measure our performance by comparing it to what is technologically possible – we can provide you with the right system to fit your IT needs and organizational structures for a state-of-the-art quality, environmental, and production management.

No matter whether you are using Citrix MetaFrame® or Terminal Server® technology, decentralized servers, or the latest Internet and .Net technology; whether decentralized usage of our solutions or global online access to your company and quality data: With the corporate business licensing model we can guarantee that costs stay at a minimum even for large-scale installations.

You always keep an overview over current operating expenses and future investments. Licensing is done according to simultaneous database access with unlimited users – this ensures the highest flexibility and accessibility with an exactly determined number of needed licenses – leading to optimally utilized investments and highest profits! Without hidden costs and business tricks, we offer you, comprehensibly and transparently, that of which we at CAQ AG Factory Systems are especially proud: We guarantee our performance, and you can rely on us financially!

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