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Highly Integrated CAQ-Solution in Demanding Manufacturing Processes

Bedea makes connections. This sentence can be taken literally because the medium-sized company in Aßlar, Mittelhessen, develops and produces fine cables, engineering thread, cables and conductions for communication technology, light conductive cable, and precision tools for the cold manipulation of metals.

Quality assurance at the highest level is indispensable due to demands of the industry for suppliers. In order to guarantee this level of quality at all times, bedea trusts in products from CAQ AG Factory Systems. In the over one hundred-year-old history of the company, bedea made the leap from the original craftsmanship of wire pulling to a powerful industrial company. Permanent developing as well as fast and flexible reaction to the ever-increasing demands of customers and the market are the strength of this medium-sized company with 320 employees.

Monofilament is the technical name for engineering thread, used in the paper industry, the chemical industry, or in environmental technology as a pre-product for highly efficient filtering screens. The deployment of a modern CAQ-system in the area of quality assurance, in addition to the automatic process monitoring and regulation installation, secures monitoring, control, and documentation of characteristics acquired in various inspection laboratories according to, e.g. characteristics gained from SPC-samples. Proof of competence and quality inspection certificates based on documentation of results are issued and accompany all shipments.

Developmental partnership is self-evident in the automobile industry. Bedeas fine cables secure the mechanical function of window lifters and security systems. Fine cables made by bedea are also an essential constructive element for industrial robots, printers and plotter, mechanical steering, and many other products. Specialties of the company in Aßlar are fine cables consisting of filaments with a diameter of 0.015 - 0.05 mm. The filaments are often much smaller than a human hair. These products are used in the field of medicine, for example, for cardiac pacemakers and catheters.

All acquisition of inspection data in this industry field is also done through a CAQ-system. Work charts, created through task preparation, are completed in the CAQ-system Compact.Net of CAQ AG and coupled with the respective inspection location. Subsequently, inspection results, including inspection and administration notice, can be sent back to the PPS-system fully integrated. Full integration into existing systems like PPS, BDE/MDE is realized easily with the module Connect.Net of CAQ AG, which is fully standardizeable by the end user. After only a few hours of applying parameters (without any individual programming), real time operation can commence without any problems. Software servicing fees can be reduced to a bare minimum through avoiding individual development costs.

Compact.Net offers complete back-tracing of shipping length throughout all manufacturing levels up to the used raw materials, especially for pieces with D-characteristics through batch follow-up. Every customer has been convinced by the online data monitoring in inspection plans and when creating proofs concerning material inspections with detailed statements for each inspection number, during audits. Bedea has taken a leading position in the demanding market of communications technology with its products. Cable-dependent data communication has become a very significant development in the building of the worldwide data super-highway. bedea data-cables and LWL-cables cover wide areas of data networks, LAN and connect buildings with cables.

Bedea develops and manufactures high-frequency cables according to the newest development in satellite communication for public and private areas. Low-frequency cables are used in professional recording studios and in the entertainment industry. Experience and competence of the engineers working in development are applied to products and practical usage. They allow the company to solve every transfer problem efficiently.

Measuring of reflux dampening on a Bk-cable for German Telecom AG

20 extrusion lines are the core of cable manufacturing. They are embellished with a variety of integrated monitoring and control installations. Compact.Net from CAQ AG documents the entire production sequence and corrects errors when appropriate. In addition to values derived from these acquisition and display devices, there are many characteristic material and property values. Compact.Net records these; partially according to customer-specified inspection intensity.

Compact.Net offers specially for this case bedea-specific defaults, e.g. procedure catalogs, classifying characteristics, family inspection plans, text characteristics, interval inspection intensity, integration of drawings depicting cable cross sections at article level, work procedure level, and characteristics level.

Inspection sites are not always located near the network. Compact.Net offers a comfortable solution to this problem: Decentralized inspection data acquisition makes the repository of inspection plans and their self-sufficient data obtainment possible. This can be done , for example, on a laptop, or an external, network-independent PC with subsequent feeding into the central CAQ-database so that it can be utilized further and evaluated on a long-term basis. Automatic image surveying, laser thickness gauge, capacity gauge, and network analyzers are connected to Compact.Net via the user-customized APE/OLE-module of CAQ AG.

In addition to employing measuring instruments of renowned inspection gauge manufacturers, bedea also makes use of its self-developed measuring gauges. These systems with registered design protection are used in national inspection institutes and even during competitions.

At bedea, quality is an integrated and important part of all company activities. Certification of all product groups according to DIN EN ISO 9001 is an example of this company philosophy. Further development of this system toward TQM is in full swing. The installed CAQ-system Compact.Net of CAQ AG supports all quality-related activities. This system, already in its third generation, offers many extra advantages compared to the previously used program. It is also used in inspections of incoming goods (with automatic registration of incoming goods orders and supplier evaluation), complaint handling (customer, supplier, and internal complaints), procedure follow-ups, internal and external audits, supplier evaluation, gauge monitoring, and gauge calibration. The modules First Sample Inspection and Knowledge-based FMEA, integrated into the CAQ-system, are used successfully to prevent potential errors. Bedea uses an SQL-server as its database to serve 15 parallel running workstations. This ensures flawless database employment and uncomplicated, efficient data exchange, as well as integration of CAQ-data into other applications without any problems.

The 4th generation software "release 4.0" of CAQ AG, shipping in just a few weeks, includes- as was the case in earlier releases- a variety of insights of users. Experience, gained in practical usage and evaluation results contributed by bedea were also integrated into the new software by the development team of CAQ AG. Possibilities in software applications were expanded tremendously, and the efficiency of the QM-system was highly improved.

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