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Bock Plastics Technologies – Precision Is Our Passion

Bock Plastics Technologies is an experienced and highly qualified company operating in the area of processing thermo-plastic high performance polymers and manufacturing injection molding components.

At the company home location in Lauterbach in the Black Forest, 90 employees utilize 43 injection molding machines with state-of-the-art handling devices. Employees manufacture products nearly around the clock in three shifts. The company’s output range includes development, automation, and injection molding of challenging components, welding of plastic parts with various procedures, assembling of components and finishing of products with appropriate printing methods. Bock Plastics Technologies, in cooperation with its customers, turns wishes and requests into concrete realities, investigates them as to their feasibility, develops them further in accordance with materials, and implements them in a cost-efficient manner. If manufacturing phases are labor-intensive, Bock uses human resources in countries with more cost-efficient labor.

Bock uses computer simulations and selected proto-typing procedures to ensure that customers can count on assistance as early as in the design and pre-development stages. By using internal tool manufacturing and a network of competent suppliers Bock is able to significantly reduce the time involved in manufacturing tools.

Bock’s competent inspection team ensures a timely inspection with optimization up to the serial production of plastic components. These highly innovative components are delivered to industrial sectors, such as automotive suppliers, producers of electronics, the electronic components industry, and the sanitation industry. Customers take advantage of Bock’s more than 50 years of experience and competence in plastics manufacturing and the company’s specialists. Another area of activity of Bock GmbH & Co. KG is the area of plastic packaging. The company is particularly proud of its broadly defined competence with development and implementation of customer-specific packaging needs and solutions.

Finishing of packaging by printing or embossing text and images completes the sales presentation. Packaging of bulk goods and/or placing foam or thermo-formed inserts into packaging round up the Bock range of products. Bock considers itself a complete provider of products and services in the area of injection-molded plastic packaging. If a customer is looking for standard packaging, Bock offers more than 500 different packaging types and dimensions which can be ordered in a catalog. Even in the range of products in standard packaging, the customer has a multitude of opportunities to vary colors and materials in packaging. Bock has been doing goal-oriented investing into its future. The company is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is highly automated. Bock Plastic Technologies has certifications of the standards DIN EN ISO 9001 and EMAS which also includes the ISO 14001 standard.

Visible Quality

Bock’s company philosophy declares: “Only through extraordinary performance and quality can we retain demanding customers.” Based on this belief, Bock decided in 1992 to work with CAQ AG Factory Systems, then known as GFQ Software GmbH. CAQ AG created a demo version of its software for Bock which ran on the Windows 3.11 operating system. Rigorous testing and close cooperation with CAQ AG led to installing the full version in 1993 on two of the Lauterbach company’s PCs.

Back then CAQ AG software included modules for inspection planning, inspection data acquisition, as well as collection and evaluation of inspection data. “We compared price and performance of several software systems, including CAQ AG’ competitors, but CAQ AG software offered the best value”, explains Harald Kiem, supervisor for quality matters.

“CAQ AG’ software was even back then inexpensive and, at the same time, strongest in performance. Additionally, we were impressed with the software’s graphical interface, which was in 1992 still a novelty, and which made it very user-friendly.” The modular make-up, as well as the open database, represent clear reasons for preferring CAQ AG software:

“The system adapts itself perfectly to our needs. And if we need assistance, we can always count on the support of CAQ AG’ experts.”

Modular Expandability

Bock’s original software system has been significantly expanded over the years. To date, Bock possesses licenses for Compact.Net, as well as the expansion modules for rejection management REM.Net, audits QAM.Net, initial sample inspections EMP.Net, FMEA Risk.Net, and the form generator Form.Net. In this way, Bock has created a company-wide, uniform CAQ infrastructure which covers all areas of inspection, assessment, and procedure management. Consequently, this system offers an ideal basis for creating QM-reviews.

Company executives can also access the software at all times, so that an evaluation on this level can take place as well. Harald Kiem is absolutely certain that company management is enthusiastic about the quality control software system. In fact, company leaders are impressed by CAQ AG’s continual software development and enhancement which means that investments in the relatively low-cost software are seen as prudent. CAQ AG’ software performance has convinced Bock’s supervisor for quality control, Harald Kiem. “We have been using and expanding this software system enthusiastically since 1992 when we installed it from the initial demo diskette.”

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