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Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH

Telegärtner Connects with Quality

When Karl Gärtner founded his business in 1945, he primarily concentrated on the maintenance of telecommunication equipment. The plug connectors (jacks) which were used in the telecommunication industry prompted Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH’s subsequent specialization and therefore laid the groundwork for its current success. Today, as a worldwide-acting conglomerate, Telegärtner dedicates its efforts to the areas of data technology and telecommunication, as well as to coaxial jacks.

In Steinenbronn near Stuttgart, Telegärtner’s 230 employees manufacture a variety of connecting and distributing components for use in copper cable transmissions, light wave conductors, and high frequency technology. The company’s product portfolio covers virtually the entire range of data/telecommunications technology and includes miniature jacks for internal coaxial connections, high-tech connectors for use in laboratory instruments, as well as high transmission capacity solutions.

Quality Counts

Throughout the production and assembly of its 15,000 different items, great emphasis is placed on the quality of the finished product. Hence, DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001 certifications are in place and preparations for certification in accordance with the 2015 editions of said standards are already underway. Because quality has such great importance at Telegärtner, the company expects the same from its suppliers. It therefore comes as no surprise, that when searching for a suitable software solution provider, the company was looking for someone who shared the same passion for quality as they did.

Unbeatable Price vs. Performance Ratio

That is why after initial attempts using alternate providers, the company decided to combine forces with CAQ AG Factory Systems in 1994 and implement their CAQ.Net® quality management software solution. “Amongst other aspects, the support and price vs. performance ratio provided were, and still are, the deciding factors pro CAQ AG,” Valentin Vollmer-Frey, quality management supervisor declares when explaining his choice of software. According to Mr.Vollmer-Frey, no other provider was able to offer the same expansive product range and high-quality support as CAQ AG did."Our relationship with CAQ AG Factory Systems is excellent,” he emphasizes, "And our company management fully endorses the software system as well as the provider.”

From Inspection Data Acquisition to Complaint Management

That Dr. Heinze, the managing director of Telegärtner, is also an advocate of the system provided by CAQ AG becomes clear when looking at Telegärtner’s extensive use of the software: Telegärtner possesses an unlimited-use software license package and no fewer than 30 licenses are in use on a daily basis. The company employs Compact.Net for inspection data acquisition/planning, Risk.Net for risk management, QAM.Net for audit management, and REM.Net for complaint management.

Professionals at Work

Telegärtner’s department in charge of quality assurance consists of a highly skilled team of professionals, which meticulously evaluates all inspection data that is gathered throughout the production and assembly of its 15,000 different items and performs random sample quality inspections accordingly.

A further eleven employees are solely in charge of incoming and outgoing goods inspections. In periods of high production output, these employees are sometimes faced with up to 300 different items per day. These employees, of course, also greatly appreciated the support they received in shape of the individual CAQ.Net® software modules.

In Good Hands

Telegärtner is aware that the consistent training of its employees is a major key to the success of the whole company. Expertly trained employees, whose level of knowledge is always kept up-to-date are generally more motivated, creative, and very often contribute fresh ideas and problem-solving techniques. That is why the company regularly sends its employees to the CAQ.Net® software-user workshops. These are included in the framework of the maintenance contract, and hence, participation is virtually free of charge.

Here they learn how to expertly apply the modules in their daily work environment and find out what’s new in the CAQ.Net® software. Working together with software users from other companies furthermore allows them to address individual questions and solutions from a shop-floor perspective and exchange practical knowledge – thus providing invaluable synergy effects.

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