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Control 2016
26th to the 29th of April in Stuttgart

Control 26-29 April 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany

We will be presenting our quality and production management solutions at the Control in Stuttgart – the world’s leading international trade fair for quality assurance (26-29 April 2016). Grab a refreshing cocktail at our CAQ AG Factory Systems cocktail bar and join us: Hall 5, Stand 5512.

CAQ Management Tools Optimize Quality and Company Performance

CAQ AG has implemented a variety of innovations and modifications in its CAQ.Net® quality management software suite which are aimed at assisting companies to increase their overall product quality and performance.

The modifications made to the modules for supplier management, task management, and process management not only facilitate the improvement of overall productivity, but also the adherence to standards and regulations such as the new ISO 9001:2015.

Software Highlights 2016

Software: Task Management
JobControl.Net: Task Management

Task Management

The task management module has been supplemented with additional control functions that not only enable a more streamlined organization of one’s own tasks, but also provide more flexibility with regard to the monitoring and escalation of delegated tasks.

Web Applications

Additional web applications in CAQ.Net® now mean everyone in the company can actively participate in the overall quality improvement effort by being directly involved in the quality management process.

Consistency in Control Plan and FMEA

From a quality assurance perspective, the much tighter linkage between process flowchart, process FMEA, and control plan is of particular interest. A new assistant-guided approach means that these aspects are now all brought together in an intelligent manner that facilitates the bidirectional exchange of information.

Software: Lieferantenmanagement
SRM.Net: Supplier Management

Supplier Management

The supplier management module has been modified in a manner that not only enables the management of supplier-related performance indicators, but also provides key functions that relate to compliance as well as adherence to regulations and standards such as the chapter 8.4 of the ISO 9001:2015.

We will gladly present the full spectrum of CAQ.Net® to you personally in an individual presentation. Find out just how effectively CAQ.Net® can assist you and your company in all matters relevant to quality assurance and management.

Simply pop by or let us know in advance what day of the Control you would like to visit us at our exhibition stand. We look forward to seeing you in Stuttgart!

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