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Inhouse Training

Training at Your Location or at Our Training Center

Individual Training

There are always multiple ways of learning the possibilities of a software and how to optimally utilize them for your individual demands. Most of the time you are reduced to "learning by doing." Sometimes this method may be helpful, but often it reduces the user to finding things "by accident" and "by trial and error." Sometimes, even the smallest tip from one of experts can be extremely helpful.

Naturally, it is a lot more effective to get extensive information about the possibilities of a software before it is put into use. Subsequently, based on this pre-information, the user can plan the optimal employment of the software. A well thought-out concept can significantly reduce the effort involved in your inspection and inspection planning. Why should you have to "re-invent the wheel," if our training team will let you profit from their extensive practical experience. Our training team offers individual training at your companys location- specially designed to fulfill your wishes and demands- and with the help of state-of-the-art projection technology.

Do you want individual training, but do not have an appropriate room, or would rather have company-specific training away from your companys location, so that you can concentrate better on your training session? We also have a solution for this scenario: We are happy to do your company-specific training at our multimedia facility in Rheinböllen. We will also conduct the session on weekends if you have more time available then.

Do you still have questions? Our INFO-Line is available to provide answers. CAQ AG Factory Systems customer service team will be happy to arrange a custom-tailored package just for you.

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