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We know from experience, that when dealing with quality management systems, different companies have different requirements. This is why we designed our modular CAQ-system with the highest degrees of adaptability and customizability in mind. Just like a construction kit, our system allows us to pick the most suitable building blocks and thereby provide you with perfect solutions to your individual quality management demands.

Requirements Analysis

A detailed requirements analysis is conducted in order to establish precisely which solutions you require in order to increase the efficiency and quality assurance throughout your production or provision of service. We meticulously analyse the individual processes within your company so that the requirements asked of the CAQ-system can be determined. Based on this knowledge, we can then specify which CAQ.Net®-modules will most effectively improve your day-to-day business.

The highly flexible and modular design of our CAQ.Net®-software allows us to not only implement tried and tested standard modules, but to also specifically develop add-ons to precisely meet your individual requirements.
In the final step of the requirements analysis, we determine the training requirements in your company in order to ensure that your employees can utilize the full potential of your CAQ-system.

System Analysis

The system analysis is conducted in order to identify the precise IT-parameters required for successfully implementing your CAQ-system. This includes planning the integration of the CAQ-system in your existing IT-environment. One of the unique tools used at this point is our interface-module Connect.Net which, just like an all-purpose-adapter, integrates the CAQ-system into your IT-environment and facilitates the bidirectional transfer of data between the systems. A host of interfaces between CAQ.Net®-Software and, for example, SAP®, Microsoft Dynamics®, Sage®, Abas Software®, Infor Business Solutions®, ProAlpha®, as well as a variety of other ERP suppliers can be made available. Same applies for any type of MES/PLM/CRM/WMS/CMMS/HRM or similar system. The usage of download-files even allows bidirectional integration of CAQ.Net® and home-grown or customized systems.

Implementation Planning

During the implementation planning phase, we design a reliable schedule for implementing your CAQ-system in your company. We hereby consider a variety of factors and company processes in order to ensure that the implementation procedure can be conducted as rapidly and efficiently as possible. The resulting implementation plan contains detailed information on who is to do what where and how.

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