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Start-up-Procedure / Implementation

We’re more than happy to provide you with onsite assistance in order to ensure that CAQ.Net® is correctly installed and incorporated in your IT-environment, and will not rest until everything works perfectly. This of course includes an initial training of your employees in the correct usage of your new CAQ-system.

System Preparation / Requirements

During the system preparation phase, we’re onsite and ensure that your CAQ-system is seamlessly integrated into your IT-environment. Once we’ve analysed, and if required also optimized, the performance of the existing system and checked that everything is up-to-date, the actual installation process can commence.

Software Installation

The software installation is the phase in which the required CAQ.Net®-modules are installed. All configurations that are specified during the initial installation will, of course, remain effective throughout the installation of updates at later points in time. This means you will never need to reconfigure your system after updates. If you already use CAQ.Net® software in your company, it will simply be updated and augmented with the new programs and functions, and will not require reconfiguration.


The required interfaces are configured to optimally suit the specific requirements of your IT-environment. Our interface module Connect.Net is used to integrate your CAQ-system into the existing IT-environment and ensure bidirectional transfer of data between the systems. This means that data such as goods receipt notifications, item masters, production and inspection orders, complaints, customer and supplier information, etc. can be automatically exchanged between the existing system and your CAQ-system, and be accessed and processed wherever you need it.

The gauges and measuring equipment interfaces used in your company are incorporated directly into your CAQ-system, configured, and are available immediately. The automatic data acquisition of protocol-ready measuring machines is conveniently configured via our APE.Net module. The CAD-linkage parameters are configured via CAD-Link.Net – our powerful interface module to all established CAD-systems. This overall concept ensures that all quality-related data can flow directly into your CAQ-solution and immediately be used bidirectionally.


During the configuration, all necessary settings of your CAQ-system are calibrated. Our System.Net module allows us to configure all basic settings from individual user rights and e-mail events (Mail.Net) to global program configurations. The Cust.Net module is available for conducting individual, in-depth customizations of the software. It allows you to precisely change the visual appearance and content of the software to suit the individual requirements of your workplace setting.


The fine-tuning process allows us to tweak the last settings of the system. Following a test-run, the connection parameters to the IT-environment and periphery are examined and, if required, optimized. At this stage your CAQ-system has been precisely honed to offer you maximum system performance, match your company-internal processes, and is perfectly integrated into your running IT-environment.

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