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Service during operation

During operation, we will provide professional assistance with any matter relating to your CAQ-system and are able to offer a whole host of QM-relevant services. Our expert service team consists of highly skilled professionals who are able to efficiently and effectively support you in any matter relating to CAQ, IT or QM.

Service & Support

Our service team is at your disposal to advise and support you in any matter relating to your CAQ-system. You can contact us at any time via +49 6764 90200-160 or Regardless of whether via phone, e-mail, remote-desktop or onsite at your company: our service team will ensure that you always receive professional service and support.

Support and Update Information

Our SUI (Support and Update-Information) Portal is a true all-rounder. Not only does it allow you to directly post detailed inquiries regarding program modifications / expansions or system optimizations, it also provides you with a comprehensive overview of all modifications and improvements that have been implemented throughout our entire software family. This overview can be filtered with regard to specific applications and their respective versions.

Our Newsletter regularly informs you of all extensions and innovations that have been added to our CAQ.Net® module family. This ensures that you’re always kept up-to-date with what benefits these innovations may offer you in your day-to-day work. The newsletter also provides valuable information regarding the field of quality management in general, and regularly informs you of CAQ AG events and special deals.

Workshops / Training

Our software user workshops enable you to unleash the maximum performance of your CAQ-system. The user workshops strengthen your command of the modules and tailor-made training exercises improve your mastery of your CAQ-system by simulating day to day work situations. Innovations and improvements to the software are introduced and conveyed by means of practical examples. Working together with software users from other companies allows you to address individual questions and solutions from the shop-floor and exchange practical knowledge – thus providing invaluable synergy effects.

Quality Excellence Days

The Quality Excellence Days are annual information seminars in which we present the latest trends and innovations from within the field of quality management, discuss fundamental quality management concepts, and show how available CAQ solutions can be applied to tackle the quality related challenges encountered in day-to-day business. Our website and newsletter will inform you of the dates and locations of the Quality Excellence Days.

Expansions / Upgrades

The diverse area of quality management is always evolving and in a permanent state of change – with us at your side you can rest assured that your CAQ-system will be kept up to date with the changes in this area and new industry standards, functions and concepts will always be adopted and implemented promptly. Regular updates and releases ensure that these are then seamlessly integrated into your running CAQ-system, and that you are always in command of the most current CAQ.Net® software release.

Licensing / Add-Ons

Your CAQ-system can be augmented by purchasing additional modules or adjusting your licensing scheme at any time. This ensures that it can always be modified to suit the requirements of your company and that new need for QM-solutions can be rapidly satisfied by seamlessly integrating new modules. Regardless of what QM-requirements the future may hold, rest assured that you CAQ-System can handle them.

Special Developments

If you should require something that is not covered by the extensive function battery of our modules, we can most probably realize it in shape of a special development. Please don’t hesitate to contact our support team and let us know your wishes. We always aim to ensure that your CAQ-system corresponds to your individual wishes and requirements.

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