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Introduction / Rollout

After your CAQ-system has been integrated in your IT-environment, configured, and fine-tuned, the focus lies on your employees and their handling of the modules. User-trainings and pilot projects allow them to learn and practice the correct operation of your CAQ-system in their workplace setting. The introduction phase is also designed to allow your employees to ask questions and, within the framework of reviews, us to check important parameters of the system.

Basic User-Training

During the introduction phase your employees are trained in the correct usage of your CAQ-system. A basic user-training allows them to learn how to successfully operate the individual modules. This ensures that they can effectively and efficiently use the full potential of your CAQ-system.

Pilot Project

A pilot project allows your employees to purposefully apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the basic training. Examples tailored to your company-internal processes are used to simulate correct handling of your CAQ-system in authentic situations, and firmly establish the usage of basic functions.


The effectiveness of the basic user-training and the execution of the pilot project are evaluated and discussed in a concluding review. This also offers the opportunity to address possible questions regarding the usage of your CAQ-System and conduct a target/actual evaluation.

In-Depth User-Training

The in-depth user-training addresses the more complex functions of your CAQ-system. Here the individual fields of application are dealt with, and your employees are purposefully trained in the correct usage of the modules and precise functions that concern them. The in-depth user-training also allows your employees to gain confidence in working with the CAQ-system and extensively prepare themselves for the imminent rollout.


During the rollout process, your CAQ-system is made available to the individual areas of your company. Now your CAQ-system has gone live and can be used for actively optimizing the quality and further increasing the efficiency in your company. Your CAQ-system is now fully integrated in your IT-environment, the applicable modules have been configured, all interfaces to measurement devices etc. have been calibrated, and your trained employees can confidently command the individual modules. A final review is used to address any last questions and to ensure that your CAQ-system optimally works in the processes of your everyday business. At this point, the individual CAQ.Net® modules have been consolidated in a manner that provides you with a company-specific solution, perfectly calibrated to meet all your CAQ demands.

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