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Task Management

Task Management

JobControl.Net allows you to practice continuous and comprehensive status and procedure monitoring. It continually and fully automatically monitors the status of information and the processing state of automatically initiated or manually delegated processes, audits, process violations, actions, rejections as well as service incidents or any other freely definable event.

  • Flawless flow of information
  • Continuous and fully automated monitoring functions
  • Seamless integration into your CAQ system environment
  • Monitor process, FMEA, or audit actions
  • Status and complaint monitoring
  • Action administration at management level
  • Report internal and external process violations
  • Due-date controlling
  • Person or team related jobs and areas of responsibility
  • Job monitoring
  • Action tracking
  • Escalation management
  • Web-functions
  • Worldwide job monitoring

Event-Based Escalation Management and Status Monitoring

JobControl.Net facilitates continuous and fully automated monitoring

Only an uninterrupted flow of information can ensure an uninterrupted flow of materials and thus facilitate effective and efficient day-to-day work processes. In order to safeguard these aspects, JobControl.Net provides you with everything you need for sophisticated action and status monitoring.

Simply specify which events, parameters, or dates you wish to monitor, and JobControl.Net will check the status of said entities in accordance with pre-set chronological or organizational steps. The processing status of actions or processes can also be monitored. Use JobControl.Net to lay the groundwork for flawless and well-documented information and action management.

Continuous Flow of Information

Complaint monitoring, action management at administrative level, internal and external process violations, due-date control, status observation…the elements involved in the modern-day exchange of information are diverse. All of these aspects require the highest degree of concentration, comprehensive tracking functions, and a streamlined job management that encompasses everyone involved.

Missed deadlines are often expensive, incomplete jobs cause additional work, unclear paths of information lead to confusion, and unnecessary repeat inquiries are always linked to loss of time and information. Eliminate these pitfalls and replace your tedious manual reminder and monitoring tasks with JobControl.Net – a state-of-the-art tool that takes care of it all.

Fully Automated Job and Due-Date Monitoring

Process actions and tasks online via the web-application

JobControl.Net makes manual due-date monitoring with calendars and the composition of individual job and reminder e-mails a thing of the past. In conjunction with Mail.Net, you can fully automatically send continuously updated e-mails relating to any type of action, back these up with reminders and, if need be, send a clear and direct, personalized job order.

Use JobControl.Net to easily define (multi-level or module-specific) jobs for individual persons or entire teams and specify jobs and areas of responsibility. Determine deadlines, reaction periods, and time windows in order to lay the groundwork for the sustainable success of your company.

Fully Linked Action Management

JobControl.Net can be seamlessly integrated into your existing information structure – regardless of what e-mail system or information platform you use. This abolishes the need for redundant data management and manual interface interaction. The inclusion of several web functions and the CAQ Enhanced Mobility Concept furthermore allows you to control and monitor your actions from any type of mobile or stationary device – wherever you may be.

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