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Automatic Inspection Data Import
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Automatic Inspection Data Import

APE.Net allows you to automatically transfer test data gathered, for example, with the software U-MESS or U-SOFT to Compact.Net, PMM.Net, or EMP/PPAP.Net.

Protocol-Ready Inspection Machines and Multi-Point Measuring Devices

Automatic inspection data acquisition of protocol-ready testing and measuring machines

APE.Net facilitates the automatic transmission of inspection data between inspection/measuring machines and your CAQ solution. APE.Net interactively learns the protocol you define, remembers defaults, and automatically acquires the applicable inspection data and places it in the database. The information is then allocated accordingly and can be used as sample data when required.

A Variety of File Formats and Protocols

The U-Mess protocol is already integrated in APE.Net. This format is supported by a vast number of gauges and inspection machines. Hence, there is virtually no need for additional calibration or interfaces. Every measurement protocol, can, nonetheless, be adjusted to suit individual inspection orders or gauges.

For this purpose, APE.Net contains several predefined and ready-to-use data-formats. In close cooperation with the manufacturers of measuring devices, we continuously work on expanding the vast range of formats available. The Q-DAS, Zeiss, Werth, and U-Soft formats for protocol-based process data import are, of course, also available in APE.Net.

Integrated Process Technology and In-House Developments

If you already implement highly integrated measuring technology or utilize home-grown protocol-ready gauges in your company, you can also integrate these into the CAQ.Net® software environment via APE.Net. It is also capable of reading and understanding even the most complex, freely designed measurement protocols. It will then precisely insert the applicable measurement or inspection values right where they are needed in Compact.Net, EMP.Net or PMM.Net.

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