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CAD Inspection Planning

CAD Inspection Planning

The graphic inspection planning module CAD-Link.Net allows you to adopt all relevant inspection characteristics directly from within your existing CAD drawings. The transfer of all relevant characteristics data, including specifications (measurements, form and location tolerances, symbols and comments) and all other available values is effected via a simple push of a button.

Integrated CAD viewer with automated seals/stamps for drawing characteristics

Automatic, Flawless and Cost Effective

CAD-Link.Net enables you to automatically adopt general tolerances and fitting measurements directly from pre-existing tables, thus ensuring referential integrity and systematically eliminating the likelihood of errors. This method of data entry and stamping of drawings for initial samples and inspection plans also facilitates substantial time and cost savings.

Minimum Effort within Reediting Processes

If there is a new version of a drawing, CAD-Link.Net will adopt the applicable values of the existing inspection plan and apply them to the new drawing. The unchanged characteristics will be added automatically. All you need to do is edit the characteristics that have actually changed. Hence, the tedious effort of entering unchanged characteristics is no longer required.

CAD Viewer

  • Zoom functions
  • Support of model and layout areas
  • Layers
  • Printing and plotting without loss of quality
  • Filter for dimensioning, blocks, and texts


  • Attributive/variable
  • Recognition of par values, tolerances, fits, etc.
  • Allowance for general tolerances


  • Manual stencils, choice of areas
  • VDA stencils, circular symbols
  • Unambiguous numbering, stencils per view
  • Clockwise numbering
  • Multiple stenciling of characteristics
  • Stencil switching
  • Text stencils

Character Tables

  • Editing, deleting
  • Define zoom areas new
  • Navigation
  • Insert stencils

Characteristic Graphics

  • Issue with or without stenciling
  • Various graphics formats
  • Black-and-white issue
  • User-defined size and resolution
  • User-defined screen excerpts

CAD/Graphics Formats


  • Q-DAS : ASCII transfer format (*.DFD)
  • Excel: CSV format (*.CSV)



  • Reduction of effort for creating Initial Sample Test Reports and inspection plans
  • No problems with different types of media in the chain of processing
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Modules and Licenses

CAD-Link.Net - CAD Inspection Planning
Order Number Base Module SBL-Price
27-05-01 1. license - base module (separate license required for each location) Enquiry
27-05-02 2. license - base module (separate license required for each location) Enquiry
27-05-03 3. license - base module (separate license required for each location) Enquiry
27-05-04 4. license - base module (separate license required for each location) Enquiry
27-05-05 5. license - base module (separate license required for each location) Enquiry
  Order Number Option SBL-Price
27-05-11 Coupling Compact.Net Enquiry
27-05-21 Coupling EMP/PPAP.Net Enquiry
27-05-22 including the graphic format IGES (for each base module license) Enquiry
27-05-23 including the graphic formats PDF, TIF, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG (for each base module license) Enquiry
29-27-01 CAD-Link.Net: CAD-Prüfplanung Enquiry
29-27-02 CAD-Link.Net: CAD-Prüfplanung Enquiry


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