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Mail Integration

Mail Integration

Mail.Net allows you to send reports or communiqués right from within your software application. Have colleagues or groups automatically receive messages concerning, for instance, process violations, rejections, or changes to the status of a procedure.

Multi-dimensional escalation management for perfect and complete task and status management

Integration into Existing IT-Structures

Mail.Net facilitates the direct integration into existing mail and information systems including multi-dimensional escalation management for comprehensive task and status management.

Send reports or communiqués right from within your software application – via text messaging or e-mail. This means that you are always up-to-date with regard to actions and changes. Mail.Net can be inserted into your address book and thereby eliminates the risk of redundant data and the need for manual data servicing. Simply plan which events should prompt an automatic notification and Mail.Net will create and send e-mails to the specified group of recipients – including additional information, if required.

Enhanced E-Mail-Functions

Mail.Net can do a lot more than send standardized e-mails. It can fully automatically attach context-sensitive PDF documents to e-mails. These attachments may consist of e.g. 8D-reports regarding complaints, the current control chart of a process violation, or an inspection certificate. There is no limit to the context-sensitive documents that you can attach.

You can furthermore specify that a CAQ-Link file should automatically be attached to your e-mail. When the recipient opens this attached CAQ-Link file, the applicable module will start automatically and directly open the appropriate element (action, job, complaint, document, etc.).

Optimized Resource Usage for Flexible Job Management

Regardless of whether you require simple notifications at the click of a button or a fully automated notification service – Mail.Net assumes all information management duties of your quality management system. This means that you can concentrate on the results and pressing matters in your company and let your CAQ-solution take care of all your e-mail management business.

Modules and Licenses

Mail.Net - Mail Integration
Order Number Base Module SBL-Price
23-01-01 (MS-Exchange nor MS-Outlook are not included) Enquiry


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