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SQL Server Manager

SQL Server Manager

SSM.Net – SQL Server Manager. The SSM.Net SQL-Server-Manager is the CAQ.Net connection tool for connecting SQL-servers.

CAQ AG Factory Systems’ standard software uses the Microsoft Access database. We usually recommend using a Microsoft SQL Server for users who have to work with a large number of work stations and/or a large data volumes.

Our software with SSM.Net SQL Server Manager is equipped to handle users with SQL Servers and functional at the end user location without any further developing or programming efforts. We even go one step further:
The SSM.Net SQL Server Manager is able to transfer your database generated with our software, via a menu option, to your Microsoft SQL Server at any time and without additional developing efforts.

The SSM.Net SQL Server-Manager can also create links to Oracle and many other database systems via ODBC. Microsoft’s SQL-Server is a high capacity database which offers all standards and important functions for distributed client/server programs in small and large company networks.

Modules and Licenses

SSM.Net - SQL Server Manager
Order Number Base Module SBL-Price
26-01-01 SSM.Net: SQL-Manager for MS SQL-Server (Server is not included) Enquiry
26-01-03 SSM.Net: SQL-Manager for other SQL-Server Enquiry
26-01-04 SSM.Net: SQL-Manager for MySQL (Server is not included) Enquiry
26-01-05 SSM.Net: SQL-Manager for DB/2 (Server is not included) Enquiry


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