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Software User Workshop

Quality Management with CAQ.Net

GFQ Akademie GmbH - Partner in der Aus- und WeiterbildungOur software user workshops enable you to unleash the maximum performance of your CAQ-system. The user workshops strengthen your command of the modules and tailor-made training exercises improve your mastery of your CAQ-system by simulating day to day work situations. Innovations and improvements to the software are introduced and conveyed by means of practical examples. Working together with software users from other companies allows you to address individual questions and solutions from the shop-floor and exchange practical knowledge – thus providing invaluable synergy effects.

Event Dates

Duration: 2 Days
Language: EnglishEnglish
Time: 9 am - 4:30 pm
Standard Price: 780.00 € + VAT/GST
GCC Price *: 702.00 € + VAT/GST
TSP Customer **: POA
Date Location
Mon. 12/04/2021 - Tue. 13/04/2021 Quality Management with CAQ.Net Online

The following is included:

Coffee and cold drinks during breaks
Group lunch
Workshop completion certificate

This workshop is organized and performed by our partner company GFQ Akademie GmbH

Um sich an dieser Veranstaltung anzumelden, müssen Sie sich einloggen.

Workshop Content

This workshop conveys knowledge and skills regarding our quality management modules. The flexible nature of this workshop means that the focus can be placed on specifically those modules that the participants require training in most. The featured modules of this workshop are:

  • Process Management / APQP
    Learn how Process.Net allows you to depict processes transparently and in simple, well-organized structures, allowing you to understand, enter, and continually optimize important data.
  • Document Management
    Learn how QBD.Net allows you to create, maintain, control, and archive all your documents with just one program.
  • Training Management
    Learn how Qualify.Net supports you throughout the planning, administration, documentation, and evaluation of all training and qualification matters in your company.
  • Task Management
    Learn how JobControl.Net enables you to practice continuous and comprehensive status monitoring and track the processing state of automatically initiated or manually delegated tasks.
  • Supplier Management
    Learn how SRM.Net enables you to systematically and effectively manage all your supplier relationship matters via hard and soft facts, expressive indicator values, and system-wide data.
  • Audit Management
    Learn how to use QAM.Net in order to conduct efficient and effective audit management and model any process, product specification, or system detail of your company or area of responsibility.
  • Change Control
    Learn how Change.Net provides you with a comprehensive overview of all change processes in your company and how it ensures that modifications made to products and processes are conducted in a controlled, coordinated, and cost-efficient manner.

Workshop Goal

This course aims to increase the participant’s overall proficiency in working with the CAQ.Net® quality management modules on a day to day basis.


Only for CAQ AG Factory Systems software customers/users.

Target Group

All users of the respective CAQ.Net® quality management modules.


GFQ Corporate Card (GCC) holders receive a discount. Discount only applies if the GCC card is valid at the time of workshop and if valid GCC-ID number is used during online registration (www.GFQ.de).


When registering online, CAQ AG Factory Systems customers with an existing TSP (Top Service Pack) will get a credit of up to 25% of the annual TSP fee to offset fees for participation in user workshops.

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