Webinar: Document Management Software – 25. February 2021 (in German)

Publication, approval, or revision: Documents everywhere in the company need to be created, maintained, managed, and archived. How would it be if you could manage all documents with a central system in a standards-compliant manner? And better yet, edit them with your existing Office programs and integrate all employees via web applications? If this is something for you, then learn more about our document management software in the webinar on February 25, 2021.

Document Management Software: QBD.Net
Create, maintain, manage, and archive all your documents with just one system.

Why All the Fuss?

Standards such as ISO 9001:2015 contain numerous requirements regarding the updating, control, and archiving of documents. The standard requires transparency in the handling of documents and, well, seamless "documentation" of the entire document workflow.

However, document management is not just about complying with standards and regulations, but rather about structuring and controlling corporate processes and production workflows. The appropriate documentation and transparent presentation of operational processes, responsibilities, goals, and risks in the company provide direct support on the way to entrepreneurial success.

Webinar Content

Everything in view, everything compliant, and everyone on board. From distribution, access, retrieval, use, storage, and preservation of documents to monitoring changes via version control, web applications and electronic signatures: In our webinar, well show you a software solution that combines document management, document governance, and document administration to deliver 100% paperless and standards-compliant documentation. Because, software beats paper.

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