A Focus on Quality – The Controlled, Coordinated, and Cost-Efficient Execution of Change Processes

The willingness to innovate through change is the driving force behind progress and the motor of technological evolution – this principle applies regardless of what area you operate in. Those who are prepared to prompt changes will be awarded with success whereas those who exhibit notions of technological apathy and refuse to improve the status quo will eventually fall behind.

• Centrally controlled and cross-modular change management

The companywide benefits that are achieved by changing existing products or processes are, however, often overshadowed by the hidden risks involved – this rule applies to small companies and multinational corporations alike.

Change Processes

The danger is that if change processes are not executed in a controlled manner, there is always the risk that important factors are overlooked or inconspicuous details are forgotten. If, for instance, a part is changed in order to achieve greater cost efficiency, weight reduction, or durability, one must always keep a close eye on all other parts that are either directly or indirectly affected by this change. Today’s highly complex production methods and the reliance on various suppliers, however, make it increasingly difficult to maintain an overview of what exactly is affected by the changing of one part.

This is why we developed our latest module Change.Net. It is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of all change processes in your company and ensure that changes made to products and processes are conducted in a controlled, coordinated, and cost-efficient manner. From the minutest screw to the smallest footnote in the product specification sheet or the seemingly unimportant process step at the supplier company: Change.Net makes sure that absolutely nothing is forgotten or overlooked and the quality of your products and services is safeguarded throughout even the most far-reaching change processes in your company. Previously implemented changes are fully retraceable and can be used as future knowledge base. By using Change.Net, you can simultaneously reap the benefits of innovation and minimize the risks involved in change processes.


  • Centrally controlled and cross-modular change management
  • Freely definable change-workflow
  • Inclusion of all affected departments
  • Comprehensive and flexible template management
  • Assistance via knowledge base and templates when designing change processes
  • Cross-modular linkage of changes to articles, article groups, processes, etc.
  • Create any number of actions
  • Combine actions with other entities such as documents, inspection plans, FMEAs, audits, etc.
  • Consistent and cross-departmental traceability
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