A Focus on Quality – Comprehensive Data Management with QDrive.Net

In order to be able to ensure consistent quality throughout all products and processes, it is important that you always have an overview of the relevant information. QDrive.Net enables precisely that, and puts you straight into the master control room for all your quality related data. Whether FMEAs, complaints or incoming goods inspections – QDrive.Net displays all occurrences of selected data in your modules and highlights the individual correlations in one powerful user interface. It thereby allows you to not only view the data, but to directly access programs and process relevant information at the click of a button. In short: QDrive.Net is the quintessence of a modern quality management system.

It is now five years ago that CAQ AG Factory Systems initiated an ambitious project: to allow the comprehensive interconnection of all quality-related data featured in the individual modules and bundle it in one, simple user interface. Users were to be able to interactively navigate this interface and apply filters according to individual entities, such as articles, processes, or customers. This project led to the birth of QDrive.Net: the all-encompassing master control room for your quality related data.

QDrive.Net allows you to select individual persons, customers, suppliers, articles, machines, or processes and receive precise, real-time feedback regarding the data of the selected entity. The modules that feature data on the respective entity will be highlighted in the user interface. If you select one of the highlighted modules (e.g. Compact.Net or REM.Net) then QDrive.Net will display the precise data in an additional window. You can now edit, print, or forward the relevant information. Of course you can also access the individual modules from directly within QDrive.Net. After having logged on to QDrive.Net once, you will not have to log on to the other modules individually – simply select the relevant, licensed module and it will open automatically.

The program will also display all overdue actions within your CAQ.Net® modules. Whether overdue initial sample tests in EMP.Net or documents in QBD.Net, gauge management processes in PMM.Net or trainings in Qualify.Net: QDrive.Net will always show you the number of overdue actions right next to the applicable module. One click will open these and display them in a clearly structured list. You can then edit, print, or forward them via e-mail.

Regardless of what area of business you are active in, QDrive.Net will give you the overview and control that you need to be able to conduct comprehensive quality management at the highest level.

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