A Focus on Quality – Interface Module Connect.Net incorporates ARBURG® ALS

Within today’s information technology there are few aspects that are as important as the effective and efficient interaction between different systems: the bidirectional exchange of information is an absolute necessity in order to be able to conduct successful data management.

It was with these aspects in mind that we developed our initial interface system Connect.Net. It is designed to connect your management system with other systems just like a universal adapter and ensure mutual and streamlined exchange of data. Thanks to Connect.Net® our entire CAQ.Net® software family can today seamlessly merge with a multitude of IT-systems.

Over the years Connect.Net has evolved constantly and now boasts a host of functions that make it a more powerful instrument than ever. Due to the excellent cooperative ties between CAQ AG and renowned partners from within a variety of industry sectors, we can rapidly adjust Connect.Net in order to meet new application-specific system requirements.

Interconnection with ARBURG® ALS master computer system

One of the latest developments has been the direct interconnection of our CAQ system and the ARBURG® ALS master computer system. The Connect.Net interface can now directly exchange all process parameters from ARBURG® electrical, hybrid, and hydraulic injection moulding machines with the CAQ system. Our software solution establishes a direct connection with the ARBURG® ALS manufacturing execution system and thereby facilitates a consistent and uninterrupted quality management workflow.

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