A Focus on Quality – Document Management with QBD.Net

Successfully conducting quality management without running a streamlined document management system is simply unthinkable today, as the traceability, approval, and monitoring of documents are increasingly important factors - especially when dealing with audits or certifications.

In the past, documents were generally distributed, archived and confirmed in paper form. Nowadays, we have “live” electronic documents that offer unprecedented opportunities regarding version management, electronic confirmation and change tracking. In this age of electronic documents, the times in which changes had to be painstakingly inserted by hand, and the entire document then reissued completely, are over for good.

However, in order to be able to utilize the full potential of modern electronic document formats, you require software that supports the most cutting-edge document functions: what you need is QBD.Net. Our quality related document management system allows you, for example, to simultaneously distribute two versions of a document in your system: one version that includes change mark-ups and one version in which the changes have already been implemented.

When the document is published, QBD.Net automatically creates two PDF files and you can determine who should receive which version of the PDF file. This function means that you are always in command of two versions: one “chronology” document including all change mark-ups and one “clean” document where every change has been effected.

If the document is revised, QBD.Net will once again create an “old” version of the document that includes mark-ups, changes and comments, and a “new” version that can be used for starting a fresh document based on the changes previously implemented.

The track-changes function is only one of the countless tools in QBD.Net that allow you to simplify your day-to-day document management processes. Whether creating, maintaining, controlling, or archiving documents – the document management system QBD.Net consolidates all document management aspects in one easy-to-use program.

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