Use and suitability of Risk.Net for the creation of AIAG/VDA compliant FMEAs confirmed

Following the publication of the harmonized AIAG / VDA FMEA manual, several new features were added to the Risk.Net module and the module was fundamentally optimized in order to correctly map the 7 steps required by the new directive. In line with PDCA, a continuous target/performance comparison of the module functionalities and the AIAG/VDA requirements was carried out together with Mr. Martin Werdich and Mr. Julian Häußler from FMEAplus Akademie GmbH.

In an intensive software test, the FMEAplus Akademie confirmed the conformity of the module and compiled its impressions in a user report, which covers the implementation of the 7 steps in Risk.Net:

  • Step 1: Preparation and scoping
  • Step 2: Structural analysis
  • Step 3: Functional analysis
  • Step 4: Failure analysis
  • Step 5: Risk analysis
  • Step 6: Optimization
  • Step 7: Presentation

Also, the suggestions mentioned in the report from this latest review of Risk.Net are already being evaluated and will be implemented in the software in a timely manner. You can find the full report here (available in German only):

View PDF Document

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