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Project Management

A Focus on Quality – The Project Management Software Projects.Net

All departments in a company regularly face the job of fulfilling projects. The initial aspects generally revolve around questions such as how to best fulfil the project target or how much time the project will require: who should do what when? This is where the project management software Projects.Net comes into play.

Get Your Project Started

Project management, project processing, and project evaluation in one software including Gantt-diagrams, project templates, and milestones. The project management software Projects.Net supports you throughout the initial preparation and planning of projects all the way to their successful completion. Use the various flowchart options and chronological definitions in the software in order to create and fulfil specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and, time-bound projects.

Fully Integrated

By drawing personnel and scheduling matters into consideration and combing this information with various workflow-specific aspects, the project management software Projects.Net assists you all throughout the completion of your projects.

Projects.Net plays out one of its particular strengths by fully linking itself to the other CAQ.Net® software modules such as the document or training management modules. In conjunction with the QBD.Net document management software, for example, each document in the system can be allocated to a specific project phase or step. The document control functions in QBD.Net thereby ensure that only the most current, valid, and approved version of the document is available in the individual project.


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