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Augmented Reality
Looking into the Future

A Focus on Quality – Looking into the Future: Augmented Reality

The research & development department of CAQ AG is currently evaluating the application of Augmented Reality (AR) in the area of quality management. This technology permits the real-time supplementation of the user’s field of vision with additional computer-generated information and superimposed virtual objects.

Inspection Data Acquisition with AR-Technology

Inspection Data Acquisition with AR-Technology

In cooperation with the Faculty of Technical Communication at the THM University of Applied Sciences and other technology partners, we are currently looking into the application of AR for improving the overall inspection data acquisition process.

Methods of Information Transfer

Apart from examining the various tracking technologies such as optical QR-code based tracking and markerless tracking technologies that function by means of digital object recognition, we are also evaluating the different methods of user interaction. These methods not only include established user interfaces such as keyboard/mouse/touchscreen and voice control, but also 2D marker-based control units – the so-called Opportunistic Controls. This type of interface identifies specific surfaces in the user’s field of vision and projects virtual buttons and switches onto them. The final aspects we are looking into are the possible types of information transfer between CAQ.Net® and the AR-system with regard to the superimposition and acquisition of inspection-relevant data.

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