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ARBURG Technology Days 2016
16 to 19 March at ARBURG in Lossburg (Germany)

CAQ AG at ARBURG Technology Days 2016

The ARBURG Technology Days 2016 will be held at the ARBURG headquarters in Lossburg (Germany) from 16 to 19 March. Around 40 exhibits will demonstrate the current state-of-the-art of plastics processing technology.

ARBURG Technology Days 2016
Picture: ARBURG

The main focus at this industry event will be on the topics of production efficiency and "Industrie 4.0 – powered by Arburg".

CAQ AG will be present at the Technology Days and showcase its quality management solutions for the plastics industry as well as its CAQ.Net® -> ARBURG ALS interface.

The interface directly exchanges all process parameters from ARBURG electrical, hybrid, and hydraulic injection moulding machines with the CAQ system. This direct connection with the ARBURG ALS manufacturing execution system facilitates a consistent and uninterrupted quality management workflow.

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