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We will be presenting our quality and production management solutions at the Control 2011 in Stuttgart (03-06 May 2011). Grab a refreshing cocktail at our CAQ AG Factory Systems cocktail bar and join us: Halle 5, Stand 5512

Our Philosophy: Good is never good enough

We at CAQ AG Factory Systems believe that quality is inextricably linked with striving for continual improvement, and true quality itself is not a fixed goal – but a moving target, a target that is always one little step ahead. Hence, for us, continual improvement is a fundamental part of our pursuit of perfection.

True to the philosophy of Kaizen, we at CAQ AG Factory Systems are never satisfied with ‘good enough’: we aim to always provide you with the best, most sophisticated and up-to-date software solutions, in order to support you on your journey to success. The Control 2011 is the ideal occasion for us to present our latest innovations and improvements – designed to support you in your pursuit of perfection. Both the newest and the old-established members of our CAQ.Net® product family have been further perfected and now boast several ground-breaking innovations – innovations which once again underscore our position as premium supplier of quality management software.

Mobility – Flexibility – Compatibility
A brief overview of what’s new

  • The new dashboards in Success.Net,
  • The MyCAQ.Net WebPortal,
  • The CAPA-Assistant,
  • The training management Software Qualify.Net,
  • The integration of VDA 6 Part 3 in QAM.Net,
  • Process diagrams and multi-track control charts in our flagship program Compact.Net
  • Etc ... the list of innovations and improvements is long.

MyCAQ.Net® – WebPortal

The MyCAQ.Net WebPortal by CAQ AG is an all-platform web application for mobile and fixed workstations. It is made available to our customers free of charge and can be operated independently.

Whether iPad®, iPhone®, Windows Mobile®, Blackberry®, Android® Smartphone or Tablet-PC, MyCAQ.Net allows you to always have an overview of your data. Whether complaints created via REM.Net or dashboards designed in Success.Net, the MyCAQ.Net WebPortal gives you precisely the information you want, when you want it, where you want it, and how you want it.

5 Years of CAQ AG Software with Microsoft .NET Technology

Five years have passed since CAQ AG Factory Systems supplied the first .Net release of its CAQ Software. Our employees had been working toward this goal since 2002, when CAQ AG Factory Systems first began research and testing of this Microsoft designed software platform. After many days and nights of testing, we were finally able to say: this platform is the future.

Always at the pinnacle of innovation

In 2006, CAQ AG Factory Systems was amongst the very first quality management software providers who offered this ground-breaking new platform. This once again proved that we at CAQ AG Factory Systems always work with the best and most cutting edge technology available – in order to give you that extra advantage over your competitors. This is further underscored by the fact that we provide our customers with what is possibly the most stable .Net based software solution on the market.

What lies ahead?

Our research and development team has been examining the concept of cloud computing and has been monitoring the technological developments in this sector for quite some time now. We have already come to the conclusion that it has great potential in the area of quality management, and the earliest steps of the development of a “CAQ.Net® Cloud” are already beginning to take shape. In future, we intend to provide the “CAQ.Net® Cloud” technology to those who want it, but also continue to provide and maintain our traditional software package. Because we know: some want to fly to the skies, but others prefer to keep their feet firmly on the ground.

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