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A Focus on Quality – Enhanced Support and Update Information Portal

The all-new CAQ AG Factory Systems’ enhanced SUI Portal is a true all-rounder. Not only does it allow you to directly post detailed inquiries regarding program modifications / expansions or system optimizations, it also provides you with a comprehensive overview of all modifications and improvements that have been implemented throughout our entire software family. This overview can, of course, be filtered with regard to specific applications and their respective versions.

Simple and Straight-Forward – Creating Inquiries in the SUI Portal

All you require for accessing the SUI Portal is an Internet connection and a CAQ AG Factory Systems user account. Clicking the Support & Update Information button on http://www.caq.de will take you directly to the SUI Portal. The initial information you will be provided with here consists of a filterable overview of all the entries you created on the portal, including current processing status and the unique SUI number that was assigned to your inquiry when it was created.

The “Post New Inquiry” function allows you to get started on the creation of your inquiry immediately. The multitude of information that you can enter here ensures that we can process your inquiry both fast and precisely. The unique SUI number that is automatically assigned to every inquiry as soon as it has been posted guarantees the highest possible degrees of traceability and transparency throughout the entire period in which your inquiry is being processed.

We’ll Let You Know ASAP – The SUI Portal E-Mail Notifications

You will receive an e-mail confirmation immediately after posting an inquiry on the SUI Portal, which provides information regarding the allocated SUI number and the initial processing status of your inquiry.

You will later also receive e-mails as soon as the processing status of your inquiry changes. If you do not wish to receive these notification e-mails, you can, of course, configure the settings of your CAQ AG Factory Systems user account accordingly.

Be Up-to-Date – The SUI Portal Update Information Database

The Update-Information area of the SUI Portal allows you to quickly and conveniently find out what improvements and updates have recently been implemented in our software. Additionally, this area of the Portal is equipped with a filter that allows you to find out precisely what changes were implemented when and in what version of our program family. The texts that are featured in this database have been modified in a way that ensures a great degree of readability and generally summarize often complex and extensive optimizations and extensions into short question/answer texts.

The archives of the Portal’s database reach back over five years and contain all optimizations and modifications that were implemented within this period of time. This proves just how carefully we listen to our customers and how important it is to us that their individual needs are met to their utmost satisfaction.

We Put our Cards on the Table and Offer the Highest Degree of Transparency

Only very few companies allow their customers such a comprehensive insight into their product development processes as we do with our new SUI Portal. The reasons for us doing so are simple: we have faith in our products and are proud of the excellent customer relationships we enjoy.

We always have an open ear for the needs and wishes of our customers and are aware that no one knows so much about the often changeable requirements in their respective area of business as they do. We believe that the introduction of the CAQ AG Factory Systems’ SUI Portal has taken our endeavour to provide you with the best and most up-to-date software to the next level, because the grade of efficiency that the SUI Portal facilitates, allows us to react to your wishes and suggestions faster and more precisely, and put changes into action more rapidly than ever before.

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