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The GFQ Akademie Special Bonus Offer

We know that, whatever area of business you operate in, the consistent training of your employees is a major key to the success of your company. Expertly trained employees, whose level of knowledge is always kept up-to-date are generally more motivated, creative, and very often contribute fresh ideas and problem-solving techniques.

Our strategic partner, the GFQ Akademie GmbH, is one of Germany’s leading providers of sophisticated employee training in the areas of quality, environmental, and personnel management, as well as personality development.

We are pleased to announce that the GFQ Akademie is offering a EUR 20 special bonus offer per participant and course up until the end of 2011.

In order to be able to use the bonus simply enter the following VOUCHER CODE* (JxCB15) when registering for one of their many courses.

*)The voucher is only valid for GFQ Akademie GmbH courses that take place prior to 31.12.2011 and can only be used once per course and participant. It cannot be paid out separately or used as credit under any other circumstance.

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