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Innovations Showcased at “Control 2006” Convention

We will present to you our quality and production management software solution at the “Control 2006” convention from May 9 – 12, 2006 in Sinsheim. We will be located in Hall 3, Booth 3312.

We look forward to presenting to you face-to-face our new software solutions. Just set up an appointment at 06764-902000 to meet with one of our convention representatives and enjoy a complimentary snack and refreshments.

In the last two years we have updated all of our software modules to run on Microsoft .Net technology. .Net offers many new possibilities with 100% compatibility, expanding both user-friendliness and functionality. Above all, this new technology easily allows for full web-browser/ internet/ intranet capabilities. Customers that subscribe to our Top Service Pack have complimentary access to the new release with .Net beginning June 2, 2006. Download or insert CD/DVD – start update- and you’re done!

All software modules have been significantly expanded in close cooperation with our customers, including the new web versions of FS [QBD] Quality-Related Document Management, FS [REM] Rejection Management, and the software-spanning FS [APQP] Advanced Product Quality Planning. New modules have been added, e.g. FS [Success] Key Performance Indicators/BSC/Agreement of Objectives/EFQM and FS [CAD Link] CAD Interfacing. But every individual software module has been permanently optimized, expanded, and developed according to your demands.

In addition to a completely new design, resulting from data gathered in intensive on-site ergonomics studies at our customers’ locations, all of our software solutions can be customized and adjusted to meet specific demands with individualized configurations. These customization capabilities have been implemented without compromising full release and update capabilities in the standard software version! Our customization principles are designed to keep customers who want to change certain configurations (e.g. cells, etc.) from having to consult with our service staff and therefore avoid costs associated with service calls. Training sessions covering new releases are available free of charge to our customers as one or multi-day user workshops! You are welcome to attend these sessions!

Customer satisfaction has always been our most important goal. However, customer satisfaction alone is not enough to satisfy future market demands. Therefore, we strive not only to satisfy our customers, but to thrill them! Our team has been working diligently and enthusiastically to ensure that every CAQ AG Factory Systems customer will be thrilled. Four years ago we were involved as founding members in starting the initiative “Quality Excellence” together with other leading companies. Since then we have been monitoring customer satisfaction meticulously; you can observe this live on our website. At www.CAQ.de, you can read about customers’ experiences with our products and services chronicled in reports that are updated regularly.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers sincerely for their long-standing loyalty and trust in our team!

Your CAQ AG Factory System Team

1. Integrated KVP with FS [APQP]

Continual improvement processes (KVP) have been in demand for a long time – and are not limited to Q-standards. Practical realization has been difficult however, due to the fact that no unified system exists. There has also existed no software which was able to unify the varying growing structures in successful companies on one platform. Implemented software in diverse industries and its assorted data formats were too variable.

Consistent implementation of FS [APQP] Advanced Quality Planning offers an excellent and simple solution. Customer solutions are supported from initial requests to serial products and beyond. CAQ AG Factory System has seized upon the opportunity to generate a centralized platform which, on the one had, controls and monitors your projects from initial inquiries to rejection handling and, on the other hand, compiles, archives, and prints in document format according to your demands the results gathered from implemented software tools. It does not matter whether you are using CAQ AG Factory Systems software products or want to embed existing documents, or decide on using another software brand in the future.

Process-FMEAs of past years or recently meticulously implemented feasibility studies do not have to be created from scratch. Simply drag-and-drop these into FS [APQP] or embed files so that the most current results flow into your project documents automatically, and desired documents are distributed and sent to customers or printed for internal project meetings, as a PDF-file or distributed via internet/intranet. Once defined, print-outs are created with the push of a button. Automatic project control with integrated escalation management is a matter of course. The APQP agent reminds responsible parties per e-mail that tasks are pending or even over-due. In order to avoid ineffective floods of e-mails, you are able to determine the intervals for warnings, even project and employee-specific, in order to preserve effectiveness.

2. Web-based Document Management

Who is not familiar with this? Difficulties establishing comprehensive QM documentation with necessary version updates, inspections, control, releases, distribution, and acknowledgments of receipt. This is difficult enough to handle at a single location. But what if it is necessary to maintain valid documentation in multiple locations in real-time? What happens when there is an update for implemented software? How long does it take to get all locations up-to-date on the latest software version? These problems are a part of the past with the FS [QBD] web-version. Documents are read, inspected and released in a standard browser. It is not necessary to install software on each client. Just run Internet Explorer – authenticate – and you’re ready to go. If you want to test this system, contact the CAQ AG Factory Systems sales team. We will give you an opportunity to try out this software at your location or even at an internet café.

3. Web-based Rejection Management

Rejection databases have been around for a long time. Centralized rejection databases that connect internal as well as external and all other types of rejections in a single database are a newer phenomenon. But what if your field staff is out on calls for more than a day? He or she would want to access the most current rejections and enter customer rejection data in a timely fashion. Perhaps the success of your next order is dependent on it. The solution to this problem is FS [REM] Rejection Management. You can connect to your rejection database from any computer with a current browser. Again, no client software is necessary or must be installed. This ensures a location-independent system and also maintains the security of your data. No one is able to trace your input on the computer you used. Of course you also don’t have to expend any effort on updating systems.

You have access to all rejections via a browser. You can evaluate data, amend running processes, complete tasks, or create new rejections online, so that these can be handled immediately while the field agent is still en route.

Do you want to inform your customers about running rejections? No problem. Third parties have access to exactly what you want them to see, thanks to a detailed access administration structure. Do you want to avoid writing down information, and your supplier should be able to note delivery comments right in your system? No problem! Discussions concerning non-functioning or non-compatible systems have hereby ended. You can maintain your system at one single location. Internet Explorer will do the rest. Web-functionality at its best!

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