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Impressions: Quality Excellence OnSite at Medartis AG

On the 8th of October, we spent a whole day looking into a variety of matters relevant to software validation and the usage of CAQ.Net in regulated environments right onsite at our customer Medartis AG’s production facility in Basel (CH). Even though the workshop initially looked at theoretical aspects of software validation, the focus quickly switched to the practical implementation of CAQ.Net in regulated environments and how our customers successfully completed their validation process.

We would hereby like to thank all participants of this year’s Quality Excellence OnSite event at Medartis AG in Basel (CH) and would like to extend our particular gratitude to our excellent lecturers Axel Maltzen and Urs Killer from Medartis AG, Boris Scheffknecht and Benjamin Dierauer from Samaplast AG, as well as Franz Menean from Medagent GmbH & Co. KG.


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