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The New .Net Release Has Arrived – And We Offer Free Seminars to You!

All CAQ AG Factory Systems customers are invited! We would like to introduce to you the new CAQ AG Factory Systems CAQ.Net software, released June 2, 2006 which offers many significantly expanded functions and advantages.

We offer complimentary user workshops at 11 different locations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland to all existing customers. Over complimentary refreshments and a small snack, customers can get comprehensive information regarding this release near-by, in comfort and without traveling far.

Workshops start at 10am and end at 5pm. Workshop instructors are available to answer individual questions during and after the presentation.

Topics Covered in Workshop

In this complimentary workshop, existing CAQ AG Factory Systems customers receive information regarding functions and strategic developments of CAQ software solutions running on the latest CAQ.Net® software release. Workshop instructors with extensive practical experience will showcase all new possibilities and functions, explain how to operate the software, and discuss the various areas of implementation with users.

We will show you CAQ.Net®’s specific strengths

  • Individualized customizations – done by CAQ AG as well as by the customer him/herself!
  • Customer-specific masks, fields, and catalogs
  • Web-capabilities (internet and intranet), e.g. for documents
  • FS [CAD Link] – Automatic connection to CAD systems, e.g. during initial sample inspections/PPAP/PPF, inspection planning
  • Supports VDA data exchange format QDX (Quality Data Exchange)
  • Simultaneous multi-language support in masks, base and movable data
  • Multi-media/web integration – visualized inspection processes, documents, rejection handling, etc.

as well as new functions of all modules running on CAQ.Net®

  • FS [APQP]: Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
  • FS [TQM-Process]: Total Quality Process Manager
  • FS [CAQ-Compact]: Quality Planning, Inspection, and Evaluation, WE, WA, SPC, Statistics, Traceability – complete back-tracing of lots, groups, and parts
  • FS [EMP/PPAP]: Initial Sample Inspection, PPAP/PPF with FS [CAD-Link]
  • FS [QBD]: Quality-related Document Management
  • FS [REM]: Rejection, Complaint and Service Management, 8D Report
  • FS [PMM]: PGauge Management with MSA
  • FS [FMEA]: Failure, Mode, and Effect Analysis
  • FS [QAM]: Audit and Checklist Management
  • FS [Success]: Key Performance Indicators Systems, BSC, Agreement of Objectives, EFQM
  • FS [PMS]: Preventive / Predictive Maintenance
  • FS [Form]: Graphic Form Generator
  • FS [JobControl]: Centralized Procedure and Escalation Management
  • FS [Connect]: Parameter-guided Data Exchange with Peripheral Systems
  • FS [Mail]: QM Mail Assistant, E-Mail, SMS

Workshop Goals

Learning about functions and strategic developments of CAQ software running on the new CAQ.Net® release, as well as implementation possibilities and areas.

Target Group

All CAQ AG Factory Systems customers wanting to learn all there is to know about new functions and software modules running on the new CAQ.Net® release.

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