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User Workshops Now Also Available as Online Seminar

Our online-workshops teach you how to expertly apply our modules in your daily work environment. They furthermore convey information regarding what’s new in the CAQ.Net software and show you how to use new software functions in a practice-oriented manner.

The workshops are held online in small groups via Microsoft Teams in order to ensure the best possible communication between instructor and participants as well as the highest degree of interactivity – also with regard to communication between the individual participants themselves. This aspect brings valuable synergy effects, because by working together with users from other companies, individual solutions and QM experiences can be exchanged in the true spirit of best practice.

Regardless which CAQ.Net® modules are in use at your company: the CAQ.Net® workshops are always a perfect addition to our software portfolio.

The following online workshops are already planned (will be held in German)

We also offer all our in-house training courses as online workshops. We are pleased that we can continue to provide you and your team with optimum support via our remote services and online portfolio. Together we can keep the world of quality up and running.

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