Remote Access to CAQ.Net
Temporary Activation

CAQ@Home: Free of Charge Activation of Remote Access for Mobile Working

Telecommuting, working from home, or mobile work are currently the order of the day in many companies around the world. However, the quality of products and services must not be neglected in these times. Due to the current situation, we therefore offer all our customers temporary activation of the functions that are required for using our applications via Terminal Server or remote app free of charge.

This may be necessary if you have not yet switched to the current GFL license model and would like to access the CAQ.Net® software while working at home, for example.

Thanks to these measures, employees can participate in all quality-related activities in your company from wherever they may be. In order to activate this function, simply call up an updated license file via the system administration. The activation of remote use is automatically included in this file. View Screencast

If you have any questions regarding this matter, simply contact your customer service representative or get in touch with us at or +49 6764 90200-0.

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