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Roadshow CAQ.Net 2010 – Focus on Quality

We are facing many challenges which must be mastered in 2010. It's more important than ever to make quick, meaningful, and correct decisions!

For decades, as a competent partner in quality management, CAQ AG has supported its customers and software users who were faced with challenges arising from an integrated management system.

2010 will bring a lot of new features and improvements – get excited and take home some first impressions at the Roadshow CAQ.Net® 2010.


  • Transparency and clarity in all quality matters
  • Innovative solutions for a progressive quality management
  • Develop and monitor decision criteria in accordance with the value added chain
  • Newest developments and tendencies

Advantages for Prospective Buyers and Customers

  • Quick and compact overview covering CAQ AG Factory Systems' performance
  • Comprehensive experience exchange and inspiring ideas for decision makers in quality management
  • Information presentation for all those responsible for quality management, free and without obligation

Just register at one of the dates and times below. You will get more comprehensive information before each scheduled presentation:

CAQ.Net 2010 Roadshow Schedule

  • 01.04.10 Stuttgart
  • 13.04.10 Graz (Austria)
  • 15.04.10 Berlin

We look forward to your participation and hope you will have an informative and interesting session.

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