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Quality Excellence Symposium 2014
at the Eberbach Abbey in Eltville (Rheingau)

Successful Quality Excellence Symposium 2014

On the 26th of September, CAQ AG Factory Systems hosted its Quality Excellence Symposium at the famous Kloster Eberbach monastery near Eltville am Rhein. It allowed our customers to learn more about the successful application of CAQ.Net in the everyday working environment from fellow users and how our latest innovations can benefit them. The guided tour of the monastery and wine tasting on the evening prior the symposium furthermore provided a great atmosphere for an animated exchange of information between our individual customers – thus allowing the event to truly fulfil its role as a user-to-user forum.

We would hereby like to thank all participants of this year’s Quality Excellence Symposium at the Kloster Eberbach monastery.

Your active participation in the various discussions was one of the instrumental elements that helped facilitate the overall success of our user meeting and make it such a pleasant event.

We would like to extend our particular gratitude to our excellent guest lecturers Dr. August Aukenthaler (Montavit), Mr. Michael Vieth (ARBURG), and Mr. Armand Schutgens (EKK Eagle simrax), whose informative and entertaining presentations granted an in-depth insight into their day-to-day quality management activities and the application of CAQ.Net® in their respective companies.


Not least due to the all-round successful course of this year’s Quality Excellence Symposium, we would like to hereby inform you that we will be staging this type of event again next year. This means that you can already look forward to spending a day with us and fellow CAQ.Net® users in 2015, that focusses on nothing else but your individual quality management and learning how we can help improve it.

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