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Trade Fair – Control 2010 in Stuttgart – May 4-7, 2010

We are proud to present to you our quality and production management software solutions at the “Control 2010” convention in Stuttgart, from May 4-7 in Hall 5, Booth 5512.

MyCAQ.Net - Your own CAQ Online Portal – without Individual Development Effort

offers users the possibility to work with CAQ data, e.g. quality-related documents, rejections, 8D-reports, action and task administration, target dates, up-to-date evaluations of identification numbers, and much more, even quality charts from your quality inspection. It allows users to make these data available, according to target groups and customized with an internet browser in your intranet (or internet) and, if necessary, to modify them online in a web browser ...

Optional: Direct Exchange of Rejection Data with your Suppliers (or Customers)

You are able to exchange rejections (e.g. 8D-repots) with your suppliers or customers easily. Up until now an 8D-report had to be printed or sent off as a pdf-file to a supplier via e-mail where it would be filled in and recorded again back at the customer‘s location. Another approach to a solution involved data being sent off in files via e-mail to suppliers, who had to have the software installed at his or her end and subsequently the data had to be reimported into your own system ...

Qualify.Net - Planning, Administration, Documentation and Analysis of Skills Training for Your Staff

Qualify.Net allows you to easily plan, organize, document and evaluate staff training.

Schedules for necessary training are quickly and simply generated and clearly presented. Course materials can be printed, including place cards if necessary ...

Success.Net - Performance Measurements, Balanced Scorecard, and Agreement of Objectives within the Framework of EFQM

Correct and appropriate performance indicators are important in order to manage a business effectively, recognize discrepancies early, and initiate improvement processes quickly and most effectively. Additionally, there are requirements of the standards ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 regarding the verification of the effectiveness of the entire value-added chain of an integrated management system as well as risk assessment for the current business situation.

Success.Net is not a new or supplementary control tool – not at all! Success.Net represents a management tool which provides you with a framework to fit your organization’s strategy into a tight network consisting of concise, quantifiable factors for success, in order to express your company‘s mission and business strategy ...

QReports.Net - Module-spanning Evaluation

Times are gone when reports had to be collected in a cumbersome manner from diverse areas, and condensed and integrated into business areas. With QReports.Net the whole range of quality mana­gement is available to you. There is nothing more important than clear, expressive and unambiguous information for strategic and operative business leadership. Support your cooperation with customers, suppliers, and business partners by making the economic and qualitative basis of cooperation transparent and by displaying results and future prospects ...

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